Payal Ghosh on #MeToo accused Sajid Khan’s reality show stint: Industry supports such people

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The #MeToo controversy refuses to die down. Case in point being the ensuing uproar against filmmaker Sajid Khan’s participation in an ongoing reality show. Despite complaints by several actors who had accused him of harassing them in the past, Khan continues to be a contestant in the show. Speaking about this lack of action, actor Payal Ghosh — who had alleged that filmmaker Anurag Kashyap sexually harassed her in 2013 — says, “Nobody cares about it in this industry. Bollywood mein kisi ko koi farak nahin padta.”

In fact, she feels being mired in such controversies makes one an even more desirable candidate for such shows. She says, “The more controversial you are, the more you will be encouraged on such platforms. Channel ko inn sab se kya. Unhe paise se matlab hai. I raised my voice so that others don’t suffer, but I think koi farak nahin padta. Yeh sab chalta hi rahega because industry supports these people.”

The Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi (2017) actor feels that everybody in power is connected: “Agar Salman Khan (actor, host of the reality show) nahin chahenge toh kisi ki himmat bhi nahin hogi aise kisi ko lene ki. Everything is linked — the channel, Salman and these contestants.”

The actor, who celebrated her birthday on November 13, also reflects on the last few years and talks about how voicing her opinions made her lose a lot of work. “I don’t know why this happened but ek mind set ban jaata hai shayad ki this person will create problems. But I am not going to do that. I am working… doing other films and everything is going smoothly. But things have become very difficult. Even if you are trying to be a better human being, it’s difficult.”

Sharing what she did on her birthday this year, Ghosh, 35, says, “I am not a big fan of birthday bashes, so I try to keep it low-key with very close friends and family members. I would rather spend the money that I have on things that matter or people who need it…like the little kids.” However, Ghosh recalls how celebrations used to be grand with her father arranging everything. “He used to make sure that it indeed is the most special day of the year for me. And adding to the celebration was the good food of Kolkata. I miss all that,” she wraps up.

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