Park Min Young’s agency offers clarification on her being summoned as witness in ex-boyfriend’s case

Park Min Young’s agency offers clarification on her being summoned as witness in ex-boyfriend’s case

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Park Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment has shared a statement about the ongoing investigation of the actor’s ex-boyfriend and businessman Kang Jong Hyun’s alleged illegal offences. As per a new report, Hook Entertainment released a statement saying that the actor was summoned by the prosecution on February 13 as a witness for the ongoing investigation. (Also Read | Park Min Young has broken up with her wealthy boyfriend, agency clarifies)

The statement, as shared by Soompi, read, “Hello. This is Hook Entertainment. We will inform you about our agency’s actress Park Min Young’s prosecution summons for investigation and prohibition of departure as was reported through the press on February 14 (Tuesday).”

“Park Min Young dutifully completely the prosecution summons for investigation as a simple witness, and we confirm that she is currently not prohibited from leaving the country. We apologize for delivering bad news in these difficult times, and we apologize for delaying our response regarding this [issue],” it concluded. As per the report, the actor denied any involvement with the situation.

Last year, Hook Entertainment released a statement clarifying the rumors regarding her boyfriend. Soompi had quoted the CEO of the agency saying, “Regarding actress Park Min Young’s dating news, we apologize for the delayed statement as it took some time for the agency to confirm the facts. First of all, Park Min Young has broken up with the individual mentioned in the dating rumours. Also, it is not true at all that actress Park Min Young received significant monetary benefits from the individual.”

According to a Dispatch report, Park Min Young’s boyfriend Kang was a ‘reclusive, wreathy man.’ He was linked to several companies such as Vidente, Inbiogen, Bucket Studio, and Bithumb Live.

Park Min Young, several years ago, came out in public about her relationship with City hunter co-star Lee Min Ho in 2011. Apart from this, she was rumoured to be dating Ji Chang Wook and Park Seo Joon, which she later denied.

She rose to fame in the historical coming-of-age drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010) and has since starred in television series City Hunter (2011), Glory Jane (2011), Dr. Jin (2012), A New Leaf (2014), Healer (2014–2015), Remember (2015–2016), Queen for Seven Days (2017), What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018), Her Private Life (2019), When the Weather Is Fine (2020), and Forecasting Love and Weather (2022).

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