Param Singh claims to be single: Have become that guy, who you’d think is dating every other girl, but I’m not

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Actor Param Singh claims to be single at the moment and calls his rumoured girlfriend Akshita Mudgal just a ‘bro-buddy’.

Actor Param Singh and his last co-actor Akshita Mudgal may have cleared the air multiple times, but speculations about their alleged relationship don’t seem to cease. “Akshita is like my bro-buddy,” Singh quips, adding, “We are extremely close friends. She is the girl I hang out with, but that’s it. I’m absolutely single at the moment. In fact, I’m best friends with all my female friends.” The two did a show called Ishk Par Zor Nahi which ran for a short duration but led to many shipping the two in real life.

“I have become that guy, who you’d think is dating every other girl, but I’m not. I’m absolutely okay with it. I prefer being single at the moment and all my focus has been on my work,” Singh adds.

Singh, 33 and Mudgal,18 have romanced on screen despite their age gap, which doesn’t bother Singh, he says. “I don’t think anyone should be offended by the age gap. I can only speak about myself. I have a certain screen age, I look pretty young. So it is imperative for makers to pair me with someone who looks my age. I’ve been paired with Mahima (Makwana, actor) in the past when she was 18, even Akshita was 18 when we did the show. So I feel what the makers look for is chemistry and that is all,” he explains.

On the work front, Singh admits that he has “been stereotyped.” “All the characters I’ve been offered are the broody guys. I would love to play a cute guy next door. But I guess broody guys are working on TV right now,” he concludes.

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