Oil filled radiator better than normal room heater? Check out top 8 picks

Oil filled radiator better than normal room heater? Check out top 8 picks

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Oil-filled radiators and conventional room heaters operate on distinct principles. While traditional heaters rely on convection currents to warm the air, oil-filled radiators embrace a unique design. Filled with a heat-retaining oil, these radiators produce consistent, long-lasting warmth that persists even after the heating element is turned off. This thermal inertia presents a compelling case for their efficacy.

One of the primary advantages of oil-filled radiators lies in their ability to distribute heat evenly across a room. The radiant heat generated by these devices warms objects and surfaces directly, fostering a more balanced and cosy environment. Additionally, they are often considered safer and more energy-efficient due to their self-regulating heating elements and the prolonged heat retention provided by the oil.

As we weigh the merits of oil-filled radiators against conventional room heaters, we bring you an exclusive list of the top 8 picks in the market. Each product on this curated list has undergone rigorous evaluation based on factors such as heating efficiency, safety features, durability, and user reviews. From established brands to innovative newcomers, these selections aim to cater to diverse preferences and requirements.

Embark on this journey with us to demystify the realm of home heating. Whether you’re seeking an environmentally conscious option, a budget-friendly solution, or a blend of both, our comprehensive review promises insights to empower your decision-making process. Winter warmth awaits – let’s discover the transformative capabilities of oil-filled radiators and unveil the most promising contenders in the world of room heating.

1. WelTherm Oil Heater 13 Fins 1000W/1400W/2400 Watt

Experience efficient and prolonged warmth with the WelTherm Oil Heater. This 13-fins radiator offers customizable heating with its adjustable thermostat, ensuring a cosy environment tailored to your preferences. The safety features, including overheat protection and a tip-over switch, enhance peace of mind. Its user-friendly controls make operation intuitive, and the heater retains warmth even after being turned off. With a sleek black design, this radiator adds both functionality and style to your space. WelTherm provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, reflecting confidence in its product’s performance.

Specifications of WelTherm Oil Heater:

Power: 1000W/1400W/2400W

Fins: 13

Colour: Black

Safety Features: Overheat protection, Tip-over switch

Additional Features: User-friendly controls, Long-lasting warmth retention

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Pros Cons
Efficient and prolonged heating No specified colour options
Adjustable thermostat for customization Limited additional features

2. Usha OFR 3613FS – 13 Fins Oil Filled Radiator with Fan Heater

Usha presents the OFR 3613FS, a versatile 13-fins oil-filled radiator with a fan heater. Its white pedestal design comes with wheels for easy mobility. The convection heating method ensures efficient warmth for indoor spaces. Ideal for personal or family use, this radiator boasts a corded electric power source. Usha prioritizes safety with a tip-over switch and provides user-friendly features like adjustable thermostat control. The inclusion of a fan heater enhances heating speed. With Usha’s commitment to quality, this oil-filled radiator is a reliable choice for a cosy, heated environment.

Specifications of Usha OFR 3613FS:

Fins: 13

Colour: White

Special Feature: Wheels

Form Factor: Pedestal

Heating Method: Convection

Power Source: Corded Electric

Additional Safety Features: Tip-over switch

Pros Cons
Versatile design with wheels for easy mobility Limited colour options
Convection heating for efficient warmth  

3. Usha 3809F PTC 2000 Watts Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

Usha introduces the 3809F PTC, a powerful oil-filled radiator room heater with an inbuilt 500W fan heater. Offering three heating positions (2000W, 1200W, 800W), this radiator ensures customized warmth for various settings. The adjustable thermostat provides heat control, and its portability is enhanced with recess handles and castor wheels. Usha emphasizes safety with a built-in tip-over switch, and the powder-coated fins protect against rust. This oil-filled radiator comes with a cord winder for convenient storage, making it a practical and reliable choice for winter heating needs.

Specifications of Usha 3809F PTC:

Inbuilt Fan Heater: 500W

Heating Positions: 2000W, 1200W, 800W

Adjustable Thermostat: Yes

Portability: Recess handles and castor wheels

Safety Features: Tip-over switch, Powder-coated fins

Additional Features: Cord winder for storage

Pros Cons
Inbuilt fan heater for faster heating Limited information on additional features
Adjustable thermostat for heat control  

4. Glen 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

Glen presents a feature-rich oil-filled radiator room heater equipped with a turbo ceramic fan and a powerful 400W PTC fan. This 13-fin heater boasts ISI certification, assuring quality and safety. With five power settings and an adjustable thermostat, users have precise control over their heating preferences. Glen’s focus on user convenience is evident in the noise-free operation and the tower form factor. Backed by a 2-year warranty, this heater combines efficiency, versatility, and durability for a satisfying heating experience.

Specifications of Glen 13 Fin:

Fan Type: Turbo Ceramic Fan (400W PTC)

Power Settings: 5

Adjustable Thermostat: Yes

Certification: ISI

Warranty: 2 Years

Additional Features: Noise-free operation

Pros Cons
Turbo ceramic fan for efficient heating Relatively heavier (13.64 Kilograms)
ISI certification ensures safety  

5. V-Guard OFR – 11 FIN 2900-Watt Oil Filled Radiator RH11F

V-Guard introduces the OFR with 11 fins, delivering a robust 2900 Watts of heating power. This oil-filled radiator is designed for effective convection heating, making it suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. With a heating coverage of 250 square feet, it ensures a warm and comfortable environment. V-Guard’s emphasis on safety is evident in the convection heating method and the 2900 Watts heat output. The pedestal form factor and floor mount make it easy to position for optimal heating.

Specifications of V-Guard OFR:

Heating Method: Convection

Heat Output: 2900 Watts

Form Factor: Pedestal

Mounting Type: Floor Mount

Heating Coverage: 250 square feet

Pros Cons
2900 Watts heat output for effective heating Limited details on additional features
Pedestal form factor for easy floor placement  

6. Borosil Volcano 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

Borosil introduces the Volcano, a powerful 13-fin oil-filled radiator designed for quick heating and wide coverage. With a robust 2900 Watts of power, this room heater offers three heat settings and an adjustable thermostat for personalized comfort. The built-in fan helps disseminate heat efficiently, ensuring a cosy environment. What sets the Volcano apart is its noiseless operation, making it ideal for any room, be it for work, entertainment, or sleep. The advanced safety features, including easy storage and energy-saving capabilities, enhance the overall user experience.

Specifications of Borosil Volcano (3 more needed):

Heating Method: Radiant

Heat Output: 2900 Watts

Quick heating 13 fins

High efficiency heating

Pros Cons
Quick heating with 13 fins and 2900 Watts power None
Adjustable temperature control for customization  

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7. Kenstar Oil Filled Radiator 13 Fins with PTC Fan Heater 2900 Watts

Kenstar presents an efficient Oil Filled Radiator with 13 fins and a powerful 2900 Watts PTC fan heater for quick heating. The inclusion of overheat protection, large surface wave fins, and castor wheels ensures faster heating, easy mobility, and safety. The high-grade oil used enhances heating efficiency, making it suitable for home use. The aesthetically designed radiator blends seamlessly with your home interiors, combining functionality with style for a comfortable living space.

Specifications of Kenstar Oil Filled Radiator:

Heating Method: Convection

Heat Output: 2900 Watts

Form Factor: Pedestal

Mounting Type: Floor Mount

Pros Cons
Quick heating with PTC fan and safety features Might seem noisy for some users
Large surface wave fin for faster heating  
Aesthetically designed for home interiors  

8. Havells Digital OFR 13 Wave Fin 2500 Watt Oil Filled Radiator

Havells introduces a Digital OFR with 13 wave fins, boasting 2500 Watts of efficient heating power. The HD320 grade oil ensures long-lasting and effective heating. What sets this radiator apart is its digital controls, featuring a remote for convenient operation. With three heat settings (1000/1500/2500 Watt), castor wheels for easy mobility, and a rear safety cover, Havells prioritizes both functionality and safety in this model. The large surface wave fins contribute to faster heating, and the tilt-over switch adds an extra layer of safety.

Specifications of Havells Digital OFR:

Heating Method: Convection

Heat Output: 2500 Watts

Mouting type: Floor

Heat settings: 3

Pros Cons
HD320 grade oil for long-lasting efficiency Expensive
Digital controls with remote for easy operation  
Three heat settings for customizable warmth  

Best 3 features for you

Product Name Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
WelTherm Oil Heater Efficient and consistent heating Adjustable thermostat for personalized comfort Overheat protection and tip-over switch for enhanced safety
Usha OFR 3613FS 13 fins with fan heater for faster heating Wheels for easy portability Overheat protection, tip-over switch, and adjustable thermostat
Usha 3809F PTC Inbuilt 500W fan heater for faster heating Adjustable thermostat, recess handle, and castor wheels for portability Cord winder for storage and in-built tip-over switch for safety
Glen 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Noise-free operation and adjustable speed control Turbo Ceramic Fan, ISI certified, and 5 power settings No oxygen burning, green conducting oil, and 2-year warranty
V-Guard OFR – 11 FIN 11 fins with 2900 Watts heating power Convection heating method and suitable for a 250 square feet room Portable design with pedestal and heating efficiency
Borosil Volcano 13 Fin Quick heating with 13 fins and 2900W power Adjustable temperature control with 3 heat settings Noiseless operation, easy storage, and advanced safety features
Kenstar Oil Filled Radiator Quick heating with PTC fan and overheat protection Large surface wave fin for faster heating, castor wheels, and rear safety cover High-grade oil for long-lasting and better heating efficiency
Havells Digital OFR 13 Wave Fin 2500 Watt Oil Filled HD320 grade oil for long-lasting and better heating efficiency Digital controls with remote, three heat settings, and castor wheels for easy mobility Large surface wave fin for faster heating and tilt-over switch for extra safety

Best value for money

Havells Digital OFR stands out as a value-for-money choice with its advanced features like digital controls and a remote. The HD320 grade oil ensures longevity, making it a reliable and energy-efficient heating solution. The three heat settings allow users to tailor their warmth preferences. The overall features and technology make this heater a compelling investment.

Best overall product

The Kenstar Oil Filled Radiator impresses as the best overall product in this lineup. With its powerful 2900 Watts PTC fan heater, large surface wave fins, and safety features like overheat protection, it offers efficient heating for homes. The aesthetic design seamlessly integrates with interiors, making it both functional and visually appealing. Quick heating, easy mobility with castor wheels, and high-grade oil for enhanced efficiency further contribute to its superiority. Kenstar strikes a balance between performance, safety, and design, making it an ideal choice for a comfortable living environment.

How to find the right Oil Filled Radiator?

When selecting an Oil Filled Radiator, consider factors like heating power, safety features, and user-friendly controls. Assess the room size to match the radiator’s heat output, ensuring optimal warmth. Look for adjustable thermostats and multiple heat settings for customized comfort. Safety features such as overheat protection and tip-over switches are crucial. Evaluate the design to ensure it complements your home aesthetics. Read user reviews to gauge real-world performance and reliability. Brands like Kenstar and Havells offer a blend of technology, safety, and design. Check warranty details and compare prices to make an informed decision for a reliable and cost-effective heating solution.


Question : Are oil-filled radiators energy-efficient?

Ans : Yes, oil-filled radiators are generally considered energy-efficient. They operate by heating oil, which then radiates heat for an extended period even after being turned off. The design allows for consistent and long-lasting warmth, optimizing energy consumption.

Question : Is it safe to leave an oil-filled radiator unattended overnight?

Ans : Yes, oil-filled radiators are designed to be safe for overnight use. They often come with safety features such as overheat protection and tip-over switches, minimizing the risks associated with extended use.

Question : How do I clean and maintain my oil-filled radiator?

Ans : To clean an oil-filled radiator, turn it off and let it cool. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the exterior. Avoid using water directly on the radiator. Regular maintenance involves checking for any oil leaks, ensuring the power cord is in good condition, and keeping the fins free of dust and debris.

Question : Can oil-filled radiators be used in small rooms?

Ans : Yes, oil-filled radiators are suitable for small rooms. They are often compact and provide efficient heating for enclosed spaces. Ensure that the radiator’s heating capacity matches the size of the room for optimal performance.

Question : Do oil-filled radiators make noise during operation?

Ans : No, oil-filled radiators are known for their silent operation. Unlike some other types of heaters, they do not have fans or moving parts that generate noise. This makes them ideal for use in bedrooms, offices, or any place where quiet operation is desired.

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