Nyrra M Banerji: TV tries to experiment with content but poor TRPs force makers to switch back to same old concepts

Nyrra M Banerji: TV tries to experiment with content but poor TRPs force makers to switch back to same old concepts

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With the advent of OTT in the last few years, everyone in the film and television industry have bucked up their game and are fighting day in day out to churn out good and unique content that is liked by the audience. However, there are incidents where some makers seem to be stuck in the rut of same old tried-and-tested formulas and don’t want to reinvent.

Actor Nyrra Banerji, who features in Pishachini (ONLY ONLINE MENTION), a supernatural drama that has been the target of memes in the recent past, says it’;s not like TV show makers haven’t realised the need to improve their content but they have several restrictions.

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes that the makers have time and again tried to experiment with the content. Producers, makers, creative team try so hard to come up with new things and create something that’s more contemporary and modern. But in TV, what happens is that we observe the TRP ratings, and see what’s working. If our experiment is not taken up well by the audiences, we have to go back to the formulated things that have always worked over the years. That’s why we are not really changing our concepts,” she elaborates.

Banerji says that in the end, it’s a business and everyone wants to make money from it. “Makers also have to see how to run the show and then based on TRPs, they have to again put in place what has been working among audiences. And that’s how we are stuck at the same place,” she continues, “Those who want to watch different kind of content have OTT platforms as an option, while others who wish to stick to the old ways, will continue watching shows on small screen. So, it’s only working in everyone’s favour.”

Talking about the scripts that she chooses and shows that she likes to be a part of irrespective of how well it is received by audiences, Banerji says, “I’ve been very adamant right from the beginning of my career that I won’t be doing the typical saas-bahu stuff. And thankfully I’m not even offered such roles. The characters that have been offered to me have been very different because of the kind of face I have. People have always told me that I have a very modern looking face. The kind of personality I have is very contemporary and more confident. And fortunately, that’s the reason, I’ve always got interesting parts that are far from conventional content.”

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