Nidhhi Agerwal prefers movies in theatres than on OTT platforms

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Actor Nidhhi Agerwal is certain of one thing: she enjoys seeing her films in theatres. And as the country’s situation with regards to the Covid-19 crisis improves, she is only getting happier.

“I am a believer in the big screen experience. One of the films I am doing with (actor) Pawan Kalyan sir, is a period drama, and hence, it naturally [deserves to be] experienced on the big screen.”

Aggerwal isn’t however, opposed to the idea of online platforms. The Eeswaran (2021) actor explains, “I watch a lot of movies on OTT and I have no problems with them. In my opinion, the option [to go for a direct-to-digital release or a theatrical outing] is a decision that should be made by the producers of the projects. But, as a viewer, I would definitely like to see films in a theatre first before watching them on a streaming platform.”

The 28-year-old is working on another Telugu film along with a project in Tamil, in addition to the historical drama. Despite the fact that continues to work in films in different languages, the actor is yet to be seen in a Hindi film since Munna Michael (2017).

However, she reveals that she has finally signed for a Hindi project. “I do have a Hindi film in the works, which I began shooting for this year. I believe in going with the flow. Everything that has happened, good or bad, has put me on the right path, [and led me] exactly where I needed to be. I am very happy with where I am right now in my career.”

Aggerwal has shot for her recent projects back to back and given the health crisis, we ask if her family has been okay with her stepping out so often throughout the pandemic.

She says, “They have become comfortable after the first experience when we got Covid. I have been quite responsible in keeping myself safe and everyone else around me too. I am very comfortable. We shot with Covid around before. We have learnt how to make that kind of lifestyle our own, with sanitisers, masks and steam, and the multi vitamins…that has kind of become second nature.”

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