Netizens slam Cate Blanchett’s response to Margot Robbie liking metal music: ‘She comes across as very condescending’

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Actor Cate Blanchett appeared in The Graham Norton Show, where actor Margot Robbie was also present. When Margot expressed her love for heavy metal music, Cate was quick to intervene and ask, ‘Does anyone like heavy metal music?’ Cate’s reaction has come under fire on social media where netizens criticized the Tar actor for her dismissal of heavy metal music just because she doesn’t like it. (Also read: Cate Blanchett reacts to ‘lesbian icon’ status for her character in Tár: ‘Yeah cool, I’ll take it’)

During the discussion, when Graham Norton asked Margot, who can currently be seen in Damien Chazelle’s Babylon, about her goth phase, the actor said yes she “definitely” had a “very emo” phase growing up. She said, “I’d listen to really heavy metal music and I would dye my hair black and only cut it with a razor blade.” To this, Cate came in with a question, asking her, “Does anyone like heavy metal music? Was that something you genuinely liked?” To this, Margot stressed that she “genuinely” likes metal music. Cate again quipped in with a question and asked, “Do you like monster trucks and things like that?” Margot then went on to talk about that particular instance when she went to a Slipknot concert and met with so many heavy metal music fans who were interested in her show Neighbours.

Netizens were not impressed with Cate’s dismissal of heavy metal music and took to Twitter to express their shock at the way she sounded patronizing towards Margot for liking it. Marlow Stern, of Rolling Stone posted a clip of the segment on Twitter. One user commented, “Does anyone like heavy metal music? No, we’re all clearly faking it. Do you like monster trucks? Odd correlation, but no. So it’s family listening? Yeah, keep being patronizing. It’s only making you look worse.” Another user added, “Love Margot’s honesty. Not sure why Cate is acting so above it. A lot of people in Hollywood have mentioned their love for metal music. She comes across as very condescending.” A comment read, “The disrespect from Cate Blanchett actually blew my mind. She always seemed like a graceful and accepting person but the whole “does anybody actually like heavy metal?” Like damn Galadriel, thought you were better than that.”

There were many fans of metal music who suspected that Cate’s reaction reeks of elitism. A user added, “Cultural elites like Cate have always seen heavy metal fans / musicians as inferior.” While another added, “I was both a huge metal head and a massive Neighbours fan as a teenager in the 2000’s, it’s not like they’re mutually exclusive. I don’t see why Cate thinks Margot liking metal is weird, and her stereotypes about monster trucks are not at all accurate or helpful.” Another comment read, “Seriously, Cate? My scientist son loves metal music, so does my 60 year old colleague. Neither of them are into monster trucks.”

Cate recently won the Critics Choice Award for Best Actress for her performance in Tár. Predicted to land her eighth Oscar nomination, she plays a fictional orchestra conductor named Lydia Tár in Todd Field-directed drama, that details the spiraling of her career after the world-renowned conductor faces allegations of sexual misconduct involving female victims.

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