Mumtaz responds to queries on her Bollywood comeback: ‘First, I will have to take my husband’s permission’. Watch

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In an Instagram live session, Tanya Madhvani had a treat for the fans of her mother, yesteryear star Mumtaz. During the session, she addressed questions on her Bollywood comeback and much more. 

When a fan asked about the possibility of Mumtaz returning to Bollywood, she said: “Bollywood? I do not know. I am not sure if I will get the kind of role that really touches my heart and it will be nice and people will appreciate it.” She then added, as her daughter laughed, that: “First I will have to take my husband’s permission. He will say ‘okay you can do one’. Then maybe I will. Otherwise no.” 

After greeting fans and wondering if it was too late in the night for a live session, Mumtaz and her daughter first said that they were celebrating the birthday of the former actor’s grandson. Tanya then asked Mumtaz to finalise a time when she will do a longer live session for her fans. “I am never free, but for you, I can,” Mumtaz said as they laughed. Mumtaaz also joked that they’d charge each viewer one pound and donate that money for the welfare of animals.

Mumtaz also said that she will soon be back in Mumbai, India. Tanya then urged fans of the former actor to request her to step out when she is in India. “She does not go out! Please ask her to step out.” Mumtaz then said that the fans may still not get to see her, adding that they may not recognise her. 

Tanya then read out messages from fans and Mumtaz was overwhelmed with all the appreciation and love. She thanked her fans in the video. Mumtaz also joked that she is at her daughter’s mercy when asked about her skincare routine. Asked about her skin products, she said she uses “anything for free” while laughing.

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As they wrapped up the session, Mumtaz folded her hands and requested fans to continue to love her and remember her, at least for as long as she lives. “Don’t cry for me later, the way people were crying for Lata ji ‘oh I wish’. I belong to you people,” she added. 

The 74-year-old actor made her debut with the 1958 film Sone Ki Chidiya at the young age of 11. She went on to feature in several hit films with Rajesh Khanna and they were a popular onscreen couple. After a break of 13 years, she came back onscreen with Aandhiyan in 1990, but quit acting after that. 

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