Mukesh Ambani has made a big demand to the government regarding 2G

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Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, on Friday, demanded the government to take immediate steps to shut down the 2G service, providing basic internet access to around 30 crore users using 30 million feature phones. He said that most of the countries including India are reaching the phase of using 5G. At such a time, efforts should be made to remove 300 million phone users in India from the 2G era.

On the occasion of the introduction of the first mobile call in the country 25 years ago today, Ambani said in a virtual event organized by the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), “Digital Flight of the Country”, that the time has come. That the country should be made part of history by making it 2G free. For this Mukesh Ambani has demanded the government to bring a policy with immediate effect.

Ambani had already announced that Reliance Industries Limited’s telecom arm is trying to shift people from Jio feature phones to affordable smartphones to make India 2G free.

Ambani said that in the midst of lockdown, mobile has emerged as an essential part of life and has become a medium to empower people. He said that mobile kept the nation connected even in difficult times and the wheel of the economy was seen moving on the strength of mobile. Speaking about Jio’s contribution to the digital economy, Ambani said that the digital platform will provide new and advanced tools of empowerment to our millions of farmers, small traders, consumers, small and medium enterprises, students, teachers, healthcare workers, and innovation.

This will also create new and attractive employment and livelihood opportunities for our talented youth. Jio has added close to 40 crore subscribers in the first four years of its launch. RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani said at the 43rd AGM that Jio has built a 5G solution, which will provide world-class 5G service in India. Its design has been fully developed. It was also told that with the availability of the spectrum, its trial will start.

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