Mitaali Nag: Time to move on when promises are not delivered

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Actor Mitaali Nag gets restless the moment one project gets over and remains so, till the next one begins.

“It’s same with almost all the actors unless you are exceptionally well established. Also, you need people to fall back on like your spouse, parents, kids or close friends. Else it gets difficult to control your mind and keep your anxiety level in check. Though my spiritual mind and family have got my back still somewhere it stays in your head .. that ab kya?,” says the Afsar Bitiya and Draupadi actor.

Last year Nag quit one of her shows after being associated with it for two years. “When you know that what was promised is not being delivered, it’s time to move on. I am not an actor who just believes that somehow the daily paycheck should continue to roll in, rest all stays secondary. In fact, I need a project where I get to contribute on a regular basis. Also, my followers on social media convinced me to move over as my character had nothing much to do there and that’s why I decided to quit Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin and try something else,” the actor says.

Of late, the Dil Ki Nazar actor has been busy balancing work and life.

“Once married your life tends to change and when you have a baby it takes 360-degree turn. Now my baby is five and I am eager to go back to work with all strength and energy,” the actor says.

Nag has completed yet another web series. “It was long I was waiting to be on web and when Aashiqana2 came along, I had to say yes. First, it was for OTT and gave me a chance to play a negative character after all these years,” concludes Nag.

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