Minecraft takes learning to new heights with NASA’s Artemis Moon Mission

Minecraft takes learning to new heights with NASA’s Artemis Moon Mission

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The US space agency, NASA, has announced that children using Microsoft’s game-based learning platform, Minecraft, can now simulate building and launching a rocket to the Moon, similar to the real-life Artemis team.

The development of “Minecraft Artemis Missions” was aimed at involving students aged eight and above in NASA’s upcoming human spaceflight endeavors, and inspiring them to consider future careers as astronauts or scientists.

NASA stated that in these newly developed Minecraft worlds, gamers can replicate the actions of the real NASA Artemis team who are working to bring humans back to the Moon. This includes building and launching a rocket, as well as maneuvering their Orion spacecraft.

In addition to building and launching a rocket and maneuvering an Orion spacecraft, children can also establish a lunar base alongside their team within the Minecraft Artemis Missions platform, according to NASA’s statement.

This collaboration between Minecraft and NASA is a component of the ongoing partnership between Microsoft and NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement.

The statement quoted NASA Administrator Bill Nelson as saying, “NASA is committed to engaging the widest possible audience and inspiring the Artemis Generation to prepare themselves for the missions of the future.”

Two new immersive Minecraft worlds have been created based on the upcoming real-world Artemis missions, which aim to establish a long-term human presence on the Moon with astronaut crews, including the first woman and person of color.

In the “Artemis: Rocket Build” mission on Minecraft, students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of rocket engineering and mechanics as they construct and launch their rocket.

The next mission, titled “Return to the Moon,” will require students to use their coding skills to program the Orion spacecraft and guide it for a successful Moon landing.

The “Artemis: Rocket Build” mission can be accessed for free on both Minecraft Marketplace and Minecraft Education. However, “Artemis: Return to the Moon” and “Artemis: Moon Base” are only available on Minecraft Education.

The Minecraft Artemis Missions are strategically designed to engage the Artemis Generation of students as NASA’s Artemis era unfolds.

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