Microsoft PowerPoint’s AI ‘Presenter Coach’ Now Available for Desktop and Mobile Apps

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Microsoft PowerPoint Presenter Coach

Microsoft PowerPoint Presenter Coach

Repetitive language feedback tracks words and phrases that users repeat without being aware of them. The body language feedback tracks users eye contact and faces view during the presentation.

Microsoft is expanding PowerPoint Presenter Coach to both desktop and mobile app after testing the feature with the PowerPoint web client. The PowerPoint Presenter Coach that has been available for both students and professionals, lets users improve their presentation skills through feedback from AI. The latest development essentially means that PowerPoint users on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android can practice speech delivery for hybrid work scenarios or learning environment. Presenter Coach provides users with feedback on their pace, use of monotone pitch, use of filler words, poor grammar, lack of originality, and use of sensitive phrases.

The AI-powered PowerPoint Presenter Coach tool debuted in June 2019 for the web client of the platform. At the end of the session, the AI tool provides scores and the Summary Report also highlights key pieces of feedback to help users become more confident while speaking in public. Apart from expanding the AI tool across all platforms, the Presenter Coach for Microsoft PowerPoint web is also receiving three new features. These include feedback on body language, use of repetitive language, and pronunciation.

Starting with ‘body language,’ the new capability leverages the PC’s video camera to give feedback on your posture. The company explains, “When you are presenting virtually, it is important to ensure that your audience has a clear view of your face, that you maintain your glance towards your audience, and ensure you have left appropriate distance between you and your camera to deliver an engaging presentation.”

Repetitive language feedback tracks words and phrases that users repeat without being aware of them. It allows users to deliver a more engaging presentation, the company claims. Lastly, the PowerPoint Presenter Coach can now advise users about the correct pronunciation of words they speak throughout the rehearsal. Microsoft says that pronunciation feedback is currently set for “General American English.” Microsoft PowerPoint users will get the option to disable this feedback with a future update. The company cautions that Presenter Coach is under users’ control and does not save any video or audio data from rehearsal.

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