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Microsoft and Google overtly Feeding Amid Hacks, Competition Inquiries

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Google and Microsoft are on ready-made knives. With two technology companies dominating American lives due to pressure from lawmakers and regulators, the California-based search engine giant and the Washington-based software firm are wrestling to throw each other under the bus.

Tensions between Microsoft and Alphabet-owned Google have been going on for some time, but the rivalry has become unusually public in recent times as executives of both companies have been placed to guard against competitive woes.

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Google faces Bipartisan complaints – and journalistic problems, about its role in influencing the media industry’s advertising revenue, the subject of an anti-Congress hearing on Friday.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is facing scrutiny for its role in back-to-back cyberspace breeches.

In the first, the same alleged Russian hackers, who had tied up with Texas-based software firm SolarWinds, leveraged Microsoft’s cloud software to dent some of the company’s customers. The second was revealed on March 2, in which Chinese hackers allegedly misused previously unknown vulnerabilities to vacuum the emails of Microsoft customers around the world.

Addressing lawmakers on Friday in a House anti-judiciary subcommittee on the news, Microsoft President Brad Smith, who fired at Google, told delegates that media organizations “need to use Google’s tools, conduct Google’s advertising ads.” Is being forced to “contribute to Google’s data”. According to the excerpt of his testimony published by Axios, Pay Operations, and Google Money.

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Google fired back, saying that Microsoft’s “new interest in attacking us” comes on the heels of the Solar Winds attack and in an instant when they have allowed thousands of their customers – US, NATO allies, Banks, nonprofits in government agencies, telecommunications providers, public utilities, police, fire and rescue units, hospitals and, possibly, news organizations – to be actively hacked through major Microsoft vulnerabilities. “

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