Meet on Afghanistan: Doval calls for greater cooperation to enhance collective security

Meet on Afghanistan: Doval calls for greater cooperation to enhance collective security

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Addressing National Security Advisors from seven countries who have gathered in New Delhi to discuss the situation in Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover, India’s NSA Ajit Doval called for “greater cooperation and interaction” to help the Afghan people and enhance “collective security”. 

“Developments in Afghanistan have important implications not only for people of that country but also for its neighbours and region,” Doval said, according to PTI. “I am confident our deliberations will contribute to help Afghan people and enhance our collective security.” 

As part of India’s ‘Delhi Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan’, representatives from seven nations on Wednesday will discuss the unfolding situation in Afghanistan and the main challenges it faces following the Taliban’s ascent to power. The participants are Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani (Iran), Nikolai P Patrushev (Russia), Karim Massimov (Kazakhstan), Marat Mukanovich Imankulov (Kyrgyzstan), Nasrullo Rahmatjon Mahmudzoda (Tajikistan), Charymyrat Kakalyyevvich Amavov (Turkmenistan) and Victor Makhmudov (Uzbekistan). 

The participants will also meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and have bilateral meetings on the sidelines.

‘Social and economic situation is deteriorating,’ says Chairman of Kazakhstan National Security Committee 

Karim Massimov, the chairman of Kazakhstan’s National Security Committee flagged the looming economic and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

 “We’re concerned about prevailing situation in Afghanistan,” he said, according to ANI. “The social end economic situation of Afghans is deteriorating  and the country is facing humanitarian crisis; necessary to increase humanitarian assistance.” 

‘Inclusive government can solve migration crisis,’ says Iran National Security Council Secretary  

Highlighting the migration crisis Afghanistan is facing today, Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of Iran’s National Security Council, said that a solution can only come with the formation of an “inclusive government”, and participation of all ethnic groups. 

‘As neighbour, we are ready to help Afghan people,’ says Tajikistan NSA 

Since Tajikistan shares a border with Afghanistan, the country is willing to help the affected Afghan people in any way that they can, Tajikistan’s Security Council’s Secretary, Nasrullo Rahmatjon Mahmudzoda, said. 

However, the country’s proximity to Afghanistan also increases the risk of terrorism and drug trafficking, he added. “The situation on Tajik-Afghan borders remains complicated,” he said, according to ANI. 

‘Very difficult situation in our region due to Afghan terrorist organisations,’ says Kyrgyzstan NSA 

“It’s a very difficult situation in our region and all over the world; this is regarding terrorist organisations in Afghanistan,” said Marat M Imankulov, Secretary of Security Council of Kyrgyzstan. 

Pakistan and China had opted out of the talks. 

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