Mandira Bedi: Starting 2023 with a reality TV show, now hoping to say yes to fiction projects

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Actor-host Mandira Bedi has started 2023 on a busy note as she dives back into the work with a reality show around cricket. She says she focused on finding strength in the last two years, and now wants to discover happiness from within, and the work she associates with.

“For me, 2023 looks very promising. Starting with a reality show, Cricket Ka Ticket, and some other incredible events lined up. I am also reading some scripts which I am reading and I hope to say yes to in terms of fiction. I love the start of every year. I love new beginnings. So, I have started the year saying I’m really looking up and looking ahead and looking forward to 2023 for lots of new beginnings,” says Bedi.

Opening up about starting the year with a reality show, the 50-year-old says, “It is a reality show about both men and women. And it is stemming from our national passion. A show like this has not been made before. It’s different from the live telecast that I have, which is the reason I am excited and really looking forward to being a part of it”.

Her focus is not just on her professional life, but getting more strength and happiness in her personal sphere as well. She faced a harsh setback in life when she lost her husband and filmmaker Raj Kaushal in 2021, and she admits she didn’t have any other option to swim through the rough tides of life.

“My life has changed. The tectonic plates of my life have shifted. In the last two years, I had no choice (but) to become stronger. I was a strong person, I am a stronger person now. And that’s all I like to say about it,” she says, adding. “Losing somebody very close to you, your life partner, is a life changing experience. You can either sink or swim after something like that, and I choose to swim. I have no choice. I have two young children, and I have a family to take care of. So, I’m choosing to swim”.

As part of her mission, the mother of two is now determined to find things which make her happy.

“Happiness is not something you find. It is something that has to come from within. … Last year, I had a lot to deal with, and I had to be strong. This year, I am going to not focus on anything to become happy. I’m just going to try and find that happiness from within,” Bedi asserts.

Here, she notes, “It’s an intent I put out regardless of what lies ahead in my day, I’m going to be happy to do”.

“I choose to find that happiness in doing nothing. I choose to find that happiness even when there is no event or reason or. The intent of being happy for no reason. That’s how I want to live my life and that I want to continue my journey,” she signs off.

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