Mahira Khan snaps at troll calling her ‘bhikhari Pakistani’, replies to fan asking ‘can I propose?’

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Pakistani actor Mahira Khan clapped back at a troll who called her a ‘bhikhari (beggar)’. A Twitter user wrote, “Bhikhari (Beggar) Pakistani, focus on your country. Aaatanki mulk, aaatanki religion (Terrorist country, terrorist religion).” The post was deleted afterwards but not before a screenshot was taken by fans.

Mahira replied, “Betay, you’re the one focusing on me now bugger off.” She also got a message from an admirer, who wrote, “Mahira ji can I propose to you please once, beautiful? #askmahira.” She responded, “Propose na yaar. What’s stopping you? Just know that my answer has been pretty consistent through the years.”

Mahira Khan gave it back to a troll.
Mahira Khan gave it back to a troll.
Mahira Khan also responded to a tweet from an admirer.
Mahira Khan also responded to a tweet from an admirer.

In 2017, Mahira made her Bollywood debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Raees. However, due to the ban on Pakistani artistes in the Indian film industry, she could not promote her film here. She has not appeared in any other Indian projects.

Previously, in an interview with Film Companion, Mahira spoke about the ban on Pakistani artistes. “I guess, having experienced it firsthand, it’s just sad. When I think about it… I mean, we have all moved on. That’s what we do, if we don’t have this, we do something else. That’s what happens. But I feel like a great opportunity for the entire subcontinent to come together and collaborate was lost. I think it might happen again. Who knows?” she said.

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Mahira added that she was approached for web shows but she turned down the offers as she was ‘scared’, even though the content was ‘amazing’. “But I was scared and I have no shame in admitting it. Now I am a bit more like, ‘No, come on yaar, you can’t let something that happened, which was political, affect your choices.’ So I don’t think I will do that anymore and I hope that we collaborate, even if it’s on digital or in any way,” she added.

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