Madhuri Dixit recalls how a man entered her home pretending to be an electrician: ‘Hum aapko dekhne aae the’

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Actor Madhuri Dixit shared an anecdote when she had to call electricians after a switchboard in her home stopped working. The actor shared the reactions of one of the men when she asked him to leave her house.

Madhuri will be seen in The Kapil Sharma Show along with Sanjay Kapoor and Manav Kaul for the promotion of their upcoming series The Fame Game. Speaking to show host Kapil Sharma, Madhuri Dixit said, “Once a switchboard had gone bad in my house and four people came to fix it.”

One of them asked her, “Which one needs to be fixed?” She then pointed towards it and asked them to open and check it. She added, “One person opened the box, another person was checking it.”

Madhuri added, “After it was fixed, I told them, ‘It’s sorted now you guys can leave’.” She enacted the reaction of the technicians as they smiled, nodded and left. Madhuri also said, “Ek aadmi reh gaya peeche, maine bola ‘Aap nahi jarahe inke saat’ (One person stayed behind so I asked him ‘Aren’t you not going with them)?” He replied, “Hum inke saath nahi hum toh aapko dekhne aaye hai (I didn’t come with them, I came here to see you).” All of them burst out laughing at the reaction of the man.

Madhuri will be seen next in The Fame Game, an upcoming Netflix series. The Karan Johar-backed series shows Madhuri as Anamika Anand, a Bollywood icon whose life comes under the spotlight after she disappears one day.

Recently during the virtual trailer launch of the show, the 54-year-old actor said she was intrigued by the premise of the series and was instantly drawn to its world. “I loved the script, loved her journey. It is about fame, what follies and complications can happen when there is fame in your life. It is a story about this woman whose life is seemingly perfect, till she disappeared one day and everyone wonders what happened to her, where she is?” news agency PTI quoted her as saying.

“Then, the ‘Where is she?’ changes to ‘Who is she?’ Do people know who she is? Does she know herself? Because they all have seen her on the screen, larger than life, (leading a) perfect life with a husband (and) kids. She is perfectly placed in her profession. So what happened to her? I thought it was intriguing. That really fascinated me,” Madhuri had said.

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Filmmaker Sri Rao is the writer of The Fame Game while Bejoy Nambiar and Karishma Kohli are the directors. The series also stars Lakshvir Saran, Suhasini Muley, and Muskkaan Jaferi.

Produced by Karan, Apoorva Mehta, Somen Mishra, and Dharmatic Entertainment, The Fame Game will premiere on Netflix on February 25.

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