Livpure water purifier for healthy homes: 8 options to choose from

Livpure water purifier for healthy homes: 8 options to choose from

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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore eight outstanding Livpure water purifiers, each equipped with innovative technologies to deliver pure, crystal-clear water to your homes. Its dedication to providing safe drinking water is exemplified through features like RO, UV, UF, and even alkaline filtration systems, ensuring that no impurity goes unchecked.

From compact countertop models ideal for small families to high-capacity systems suitable for larger households, this brand has thoughtfully crafted options for every home. Check out the best Livpure water purifiers that you can bring home, and choose the one that is right for you.

1. Livpure Glo Star

The Livpure Glo Star water purifier is a reliable and efficient addition to any household. With its 7-stage advanced purification process, it ensures that every drop of water is free from contaminants and safe for consumption. The built-in Mineralizer enriches the water with essential minerals like magnesium and potassium, contributing to overall well-being. The In-Tank UV Sterilization, keeps stored water safe for extended periods, even during power cuts. The LED indicators provide real-time updates on the purification process, and the 7-litre storage capacity is suitable for families of various sizes.


7-stage advanced purification

Mineralizer for essential minerals

In-Tank UV sterilization

7-litre storage capacity

LED display indicators

Pros Cons
Comprehensive purification process Design aesthetics could be improved
In-Tank UV for uninterrupted safety  

2. Livpure Pep Pro

The Livpure Pep Pro Grand water purifier boasts a 7-stage purification process, including an innovative Smart TDS Adjuster for customized water taste. Its in-tank UV sterilization ensures uninterrupted safety, even during power cuts. The mineral cartridge adds essential minerals like magnesium and potassium, while the copper infuser enhances immunity. With a sleek design and LED indicators, it’s a valuable addition to any kitchen.


7-stage purification

Smart TDS Adjuster

In-Tank UV sterilization

Mineral cartridge and copper infuser

180° Dial Faucet

Sleek design with LED indicators

Pros Cons
Customizable water taste Capacity can be higher
Continuous safety with in-tank UV  

3. Livpure Bolt+

The Livpure Bolt+ copper water purifier offers advanced 7-stage purification with Smart TDS technology and water-saving features. It efficiently removes impurities, enhances taste, and conserves water. The addition of essential minerals like magnesium and copper promotes better health. With its HR Technology, it saves up to 80% water compared to ordinary RO systems. The user-friendly 180° Dial Faucet and LED indicators add to its appeal.


7-stage purification

Smart TDS technology

Ultrafiltration and Anti-Scalant

Mineralizer and copper infusion

HR Technology for water savings

180° Dial Faucet with LED indicators

Pros Cons
Customizable water taste None
Improved water quality  

4. Livpure Pep Pro+

Looking for a water purifier that combines advanced purification with convenience? The Livpure Pep Pro++ offers 7-stage filtration, including UV disinfection and ultrafiltration, ensuring safe and great-tasting water. Its compact design suits any kitchen, and the LED indicators provide real-time updates. This purifier is especially useful for areas with varying water sources. Enjoy pure and refreshing water without the hassle of handling chemicals.


7-stage advanced purification

UV disinfection


Sleek design with LED indicators

Pros Cons
Comprehensive purification Shorter warranty period
UV disinfection for safety  

5. Livpure Pep Pro Touch

In search of a water purifier that puts you in control? The Livpure Pep Pro Touch offers a personalized water dispensing experience with its touch screen interface. With multi-stage purification including RO, UV, and UF technologies, it ensures your water is free from impurities and microorganisms. Its generous 8.5-litre storage capacity guarantees a constant supply of clean water. Wall-mountable and equipped with custom flow options, it’s a user-friendly addition to any home.


Multi-stage purification

Touch screen interface

8.5-litre storage capacity

Pros Cons
Customized water dispensing Warranty could feel less for some users
Effective multi-stage purification  

6. Livpure Platino+

The Livpure Platino+ Copper water purifier not only delivers pure water but also does its part for the environment with up to 87% water savings. Its custom dispensing options, feather touch display, and multiple purification stages, including RO, UV, and UF technologies, ensure you get the best quality water. With added features like in-tank UV sterilization and a copper infusion for health benefits, this purifier combines efficiency and wellness.


Purification stages: 8 stages

Purification technologies: RO, UV, UF, Copper 29 Minerals Cartridge, In-tank UV Sterilization

Water-saving technology: Yes (up to 87%)

Custom dispensing: Yes

Storage tank capacity: 8.5 litres

Purification capacity: Up to 15 litres/hour

Input voltage: 140-300 V AC / 50 Hz

Pros Cons
Impressive water savings Warranty could be longer
Multi-stage purification  

7. Livpure Zinger

Livpure Zinger Copper Hot Water Purifier brings innovation and convenience to your kitchen. This purifier not only provides RO+UV+UF purification but also instant hot, warm, and ambient water. With multi-stage purification and a touch display, it ensures safe and tasty water. The in-tank UV sterilization keeps water clean even during power cuts. Copper-infused water offers health benefits. However, it lacks a cold water option. It’s an excellent choice for those who desire hot and warm water on demand and a touch of innovation in their water purification routine.


Purification Technology: RO+UV+UF+Copper

Storage Capacity: 6.5 Litres

Water Temperature Options: Hot, Warm, Ambient

Touch Display: Yes

In-Tank UV Sterilization: Yes

Input Water TDS: Up to 2000 ppm

Preventive Maintenance Visits: 2 Free Visits

Warranty: 1 year

Pros Cons
Instant hot water No cold water option
In-tank UV sterilization Only 6.5 litre storage

8. Livpure Glitz Silver

The Livpure Glitz Silver RO UF Mineralizer is a compact and efficient water purifier. It features a particulate arrester filter that effectively removes impurities from your drinking water. With a capacity of 7 litres, it’s suitable for small households. However, it lacks advanced features found in more expensive models.


Brand: Livpure

Purification Method: Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Capacity: 7 litres

Included Components: 1 Water Purifier

Pros Cons
Efficient particulate arrester filter Lacks advanced features 
Compact design  

Best 3 features for you

Product Name Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
Livpure Glo Star 7 Stage Purification Mineraliser for essential minerals In-Tank UV Sterilization
Livpure Pep Pro Smart TDS Adjuster for taste enhancement In-Tank UV Sterilization Copper Filter for immunity boost
Livpure Bolt+ 8 Stage Purification with Water Saving Ultra Filtration & Anti-Scalant Technology HR Technology for 87% water savings
Livpure Pep Pro+ 7 Stage Purification Smart TDS Adjuster for customized taste Ultra Filtration for safe water
Livpure Pep Pro Touch Multi-Stage Purification Feather Touch Custom Dispensing Water Saving Technology
Livpure Platino+ Custom Dispensing Option 8 Stage Purification with Water Saving HR Technology for 87% water savings
Livpure Zinger Multi-Stage Purification with Touch Display In-Tank UV Sterilization Copper-infused water for health benefits
Livpure Glitz Silver Reverse Osmosis Purification Compact design Particulate Arrester Filter

Best value for money

Among the Livpure water purifiers, the Livpure Bolt+ stands out as the best value for money. It offers an impressive 8-stage purification process, including unique features like HR Technology for significant water savings. This purifier ensures safe and great-tasting water while being cost-effective.

Best overall product

The Livpure Pep Pro+ takes the crown as the best overall product. It combines smart TDS adjustment for customized taste, 7-stage purification, and ultra-filtration to deliver safe and great-tasting water. It’s a versatile and efficient choice for various water sources.

How to find the best Livpure water purifier in India

To find the best Livpure water purifier in India, consider your specific needs. First, assess your water source (borewell, tanker, municipal) and its TDS level. Then, choose a Livpure model with the appropriate purification technology (RO, UV, UF) and TDS adjustment capabilities. Look for additional features like in-tank UV sterilization, copper infusion, and water-saving technology based on your preferences. Finally, compare prices, warranties, and customer reviews to make an informed decision.


Question : Is Livpure a reputable brand for water purifiers?

Ans : Yes, Livpure is a well-known and reputable brand in India for water purifiers, offering a range of models to suit different needs.

Question : What is the advantage of in-tank UV sterilization?

Ans : In-tank UV sterilization ensures that stored water remains safe and free from contaminants, even during power cuts.

Question : Does Livpure offer installation services?

Ans : Yes, Livpure typically provides installation services for its water purifiers. Check with the seller for details.

Question : How often should I replace the filters in a Livpure water purifier?

Ans : Filter replacement frequency can vary based on usage and water quality. It’s advisable to follow Livpure’s recommended schedule and replace filters accordingly.

Question : Can Livpure water purifiers handle high TDS levels in borewell water?

Ans : Yes, Livpure offers models with smart TDS adjustment technology to handle high TDS levels, making them suitable for borewell water purification.

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Updated: 13 Sep 2023, 02:21 PM IST

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