Kaveri Priyam: Wish to be part of projects that bring positivity in life

Kaveri Priyam: Wish to be part of projects that bring positivity in life

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Actor Kaveri Priyam believes that the New Year will bring in more positivity and stability in our lives.

“It’s really a tough task to sustain workwise mainly because we are living in such unpredictable times. You never know what will work and what will not. Television industry itself is going through a competitive phase where it’s difficult to find a show that gets high TRPs and runs longer. Ultimately, all boils down to numbers. So, I want to continue being part of the projects that bring steadiness as well as creative satisfaction for me in the New Year,” says the Ziddi Dil Mane Na and Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke actor.

Talking about finding right work on right time, Priyam adds, “See, the industry is not very open in accepting newcomers. It functions on a fixed method — to pick the cast especially the main lead be it a hero or heroine. They don’t judge an artiste on talent or how hard working one is! Initially, many a times, I too have faced a point-blank rejection. I was told straightaway that aap look mei nai fit hote ho! Judging one without giving a chance to attempt that character is a real big problem in the industry. Thankfully, I could bag a show by the time my father retired else it would have been actually difficult for me. If you don’t get work on right time, it not only hurts your finances it also has a negative impact on one’s psyche.”

Currently, the young actor and restaurateur is busy with a daily soap where she plays a lead. “My show Dil Diyaan Gallaan is on air and I really want this show to work. None can predict the future of projects but still I am keeping my fingers crossed rest it’s up to time,” concludes Priyam.

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