Kaushiki Rathore: Log bhool jaate hain. Nothing is permanent here

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Seen in Krishna Chali London and Story 9 Months Ki, actor Kaushiki Rathore feels if you don’t get the kind of work that you look for or reach the position you aimed at, it does break you.

“When you see such people succeed who are less talented than you or did not put in as much hard work, you tend to ask yourself a question about yourself and your ability. It’s then that negativity seeps in you. An actor’s life, especially for the younger ones, is actually tough. In other industries when you find your calling, you pave the way and continue to grow. But in our field, it’s that every day you have to start from the scratch, as there’s just no stability here.”

The Triangle Trap and Gudiya Hamari...actor feels that keeping anxiety in check helps you win over your struggles. Rathore adds, “I too have some serious anxiety issues but with the help of my spiritual inclination I manage to cope with it. In our profession there are numerous incidents that can hurt you badly. Like when I was doing Krishna…, work was pouring in from all sides and I was like chalo aage bhi kaam rahega. But it doesn’t work like this. Log bhool jaate hain. Nothing is permanent here.”

Talking about her New Year expectations, “I have decided not to let go of work anymore and willingly take chances in life. TV of late has become really difficult and a different ball game due to high competition. That’s the reason why I also want to take up some OTT projects and work across different mediums as I have been concentrating only on TV. So, in 2023 I want to shed my inhibitions and learn to take more chances,” says the Durga aur Chaaru actor.

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