Kashmera Shah on being a hands-on mum: I didn’t want my staff to raise my kids

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Actor-filmmaker Kashmera Shah says that there is never a time when her kids, sons, Rayaan and Krishaang, don’t have either of their parents at home.

Actor-filmmaker Kashmera Shah is a working parent and her four-year-old twins understand that. She adds that both she and husband, actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek are pretty hands-on when it comes to raising their sons, Rayaan and Krishaang. The couple welcomed their twins in 2017, via surrogacy.

“The only break I took was when I was trying to conceive. But when that didn’t happen, we took the other step (surrogacy). I continued to work and then waited (took a break) till the babies could speak. When you know your babies can express, you feel secure as a mother that nothing will happen to them in your absence,” shares Shah.

Talking about being a hands-on mom, she adds, “I didn’t want to leave my kids with the staff to be raised. That was [clear] in my mind right from the beginning. Though I want them to know they have working parents, they shouldn’t feel we’re unavailable. Krushna and I took a conscious decision that if he’s working, I’ll be home, and vice versa.”

While the lockdown period was a good time to spend time with the kids, Shah is now out and working, and that’s how she likes it to be. “Ever since I got double vaccinated, I’ve been working. I don’t believe that I am somebody who will sit at home. I will sit at home if the government tells me ki humne lockdown kiya ap bahar matt jao. But agar kaam karna possible hai then I will got out most definitely,” shares Shah, who recently travelled to the US for work.

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