Karan Kundrra: I still get nervous in front of the camera

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Reality star and actor Karan Kundrra is a runaway hit on TV but he candidly admits that when he gets in front of a camera he feels like a newcomer.

“I am working for last 13 years now, but every time I am on stage or in front of the camera, I do get nervous. That feeling of a newcomer never goes! But, I guess, it’s good to be nervous and scared as it keeps you on the edge,” says Kundrra on his recent visit to Lucknow.

The Big Boss 15 second runner-up candidly says that although he is dubbed as “the king of TRPs and star on TV but he has lot to achieve”.

“It’s the audience who has made me big on TV and I cannot take any credit for that. Even, on the web show Lock Upp, the other night, we had 5.2 million people watching live at 1 am. I hope my stardom and fan following help me bag me some films and that will be huge for me.”

The actor feels the OTT has given TV actors a platform to prove their mettle. “On TV, shows are aired on prime time but on web there is no fixed timing. So, if you are a star-puller and the content is good then it will get you the audience and subscription. We have proved it with shows like Dil Hi to Hai and It Happened in Calcutta.”

He further adds that TV is the backbone of his career. But but the kind of work that he wants to take up is not happening there. But in the same vein, he says, “Even on OTT many big stars have tried their hand but have been rejected by the audience.”

Kundrra surely wants to do films but feels that those lines have started to blur now. “Now, we have OTT shows that have budget in multi-crores with top technicians and team. So, platforms are irrelevant now. There is lot of pressure from fans for a fiction show and have offers as well but I will like to wait as I cannot take up just anything. I want to pick a project that gives me chance to evolve.”

He is hosting a kid’s reality show for the first time. “I love everything that I do. I feel grateful that Dance Deewane Juniors team chose me as a host over others and that makes me more confident to give it my best shot.”

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