iPhone 12 launch will be delayed, may be presented in October

iPhone 12 launch will be delayed, may be presented in October

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Apple’s iPhone launch event will be delayed, this information has already been revealed. But according to the latest report, the iPhone 12 series can be launched in October, rather than in September this year. According to the news, the launch event can be held in the week commencing from 12 October. At the same time, the shipment of the iPhone 12 is expected to start within a week of launch. However, shipments of its premium iPhone 12 Pro model can be started in November.

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This could prove to be a major change in Apple’s traditional September launch timeline. Let me tell you, one of the reasons for the delay in launch and shipment could also be the worldwide Kovid-19 epidemic, which has affected the global supply chain and also hampered the production work.

As we said, the availability of the iPhone 12 will be delayed, it was already confirmed by Apple. However, this time YouTuber Jon Prosser has reported large-scale delays. Giving information, YouTubers have stated that Apple’s annual iPhone launch event will be held in the week starting October 12 this year. Apart from this, it has also been reported that pre-orders of the iPhone 12 will be started from the same week.

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YouTuber has claimed that the shipment of the iPhone 12 will begin on October 19. If this information proves true, then this year Apple is about to change its September launch event Timeline.

No information has been given about the delay. The tipster also stated that the availability of the iPhone 12 Pro will begin in November, not October. Both pre-booking and shipment of the phone will not start before November. However, clear information about its exact date has not been revealed at the moment.

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Apart from the iPhone 12, in September we can see the launch of the next-generation Apple Watch and the new iPad. Apple reportedly has not planned a separate launch event for these products. It is believed that the company will launch these products through a press release in the week starting September 7.

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