I am on a different journey: Sargun on pregnancy rumours

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With one hit after the other, Saunkan Saunkne actor Sargun Mehta credits her strong footing in Punjabi films to her husband, actor Ravii Dubey whom she has been married to for nine years now. “I manifested coming in the Punjabi industry with my dreams, but if there’s ever a tag of Queen [of Punjabi films] attached to me, that’ll be Ravii’s manifestation. Since the time we’ve been together, that’s all he’s told me,” she shares.

“We met in 2009, and it still feels the same. We started off as very good friends and we’re still that at the core. Even then, we were very respectful towards each other’s dreams and happiness. When he’s doing well, I feel like I have succeeded. When I am doing well, he feels the success,” she adds.

Mention the constant pregnancy rumours she finds herself amid on social media by their fans, she replies, “It’s like that’s the only thing you expect out of a couple. It’s putting down the entire institution of marriage, if that’s the only thing we’re supposed to do. I’m not saying that anybody who is getting pregnant or wants to have a baby is wrong. People have different priorities and goals in life. I am on a different journey at the moment.”

Sargun is also making her foray into Bollywood with a film starring Akshay Kumar. Talking about her experience, she says, “I have been waiting to step into the [Hindi] medium. A lot of [Bollywood] movies have come my way ever since I started doing Punjabi films, but there was nothing very meaty for me. I didn’t want to go unnoticed by doing a song and coming back home feeling, ‘OMG I look pretty in a song’. I wanted to be part of the story.”

At a time when regional movies are also earning big bucks at the box office, does the language really matter? “Content is becoming king now. I think, whoever is making great films in whatever language is likely to do well,” she muses.

Currently producing two TV shows, she says there will never be “anything bigger than TV’. “ Ghar ghar tak jaane wali cheez hai woh. How’s it that it can be smaller than anything else? People keep saying films are big. And I always tell them there’s nothing bigger than TV. You want to promote your film, you go to a TV show. You want to promote an OTT [show] or a song, you go to a TV show, because TV has the biggest audience. A TV show doesn’t go to a film to promote themselves. You don’t whether a film is going to work or not. But you know a specified TV show which is going on air, it has a certain amount of audience attached to it.”

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