Hunar Gandhi on Grihasti co-star Siddhaanth’s sudden death: It was not his age to go, forget the reason

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Hunar Gandhi is in utter shock when we pick the phone on her, to talk about her Grihasti co-star Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi’s death. He collapsed in the gym while working out and was declared dead.

She says the two had met recently. “A friend messaged me and that’s how I got to know about his death, I am shocked. He was there at a fitness event recently some days back, and spoke to my trainer who was present too. They spoke about me, and then me and Siddhaanth spoke on the phone ‘long time, mile nahi hain’. We last met a party, where we bumped into each other,” she reveals.

Grihasti in 2008 was Gandhi’s first show as the lead, and the two had worked together. “I know him since I was 20, and learnt so much about my craft about him. He was such a brilliant actor. I learnt so much from him,” she says.

People are speculating whether it over gymming or stress which led to this unfortunate incident. Gandhi however chooses to instead think about his family. “It was not his age to pass away. I don’t think it was stress… he was doing well for himself in his career. And jab aap gym karte ho, obviously heart rate badh toh jaata hai. I know it happens during cardio. Forget the reasons. He has a child, she is so young, what she must be going through right now… then his wife. May God give them more strength,” she gets emotional.

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