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How to Download and Share Holi Stickers on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger

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Holi festival is just a day away, and users can already share Holi-centric stickers with family and friends to add life to celebratory text messages amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Each Facebook Inc-owned platform – WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram allow users to add custom sharable Holi stickers (or GIFs) that feature colourful greetings and pichkari (water-guns) to messages or stories. Facebook recently rolled out personal Holi Avatars that are sharable on the Facebook app and Messenger, while Instagram includes both special GIFs and stickers. WhatsApp does not come with Holi-centric stickers natively, although users can download them separately and share with friends and family. Holi-specific WhatsApp stickers can also be added to Stories that can be viewed by all contacts.

How to send Holi Avatar-stickers on Facebook, Messenger: To create your Holi-specific Avatar, open the Facebook or Messenger app on the Android or iOS smartphone and go to any comment section. Click on the ‘smiley’ button > Sticker tab > Create Your Avatar. The new Holi stickers will appear in the sticker library when users are posting or commenting on Facebook posts or while using Messenger. Users can also find the avatar creator in the Bookmarks section on your Facebook app. In case users are unable to find the new personalised Holi Avatars, ensure that you are using the latest app.

How to use Holi Stickers on Instagram: Instagram supports native stickers and they can be added to Instagram DMs (direct messages) or stories. To add Holi stickers to a story: Go to camera section > Click or add a photo or video > Swipe from the bottom of the screen to up to access library > Search Holi. Similarly, to add a Holi-specific sticker to DM: Open a chat > Select the sticker option at the bottom-right corner of the text bar > Search Holi.

How to download Holi Sticker on WhatsApp: Sending Holi stickers on WhatsApp is a bit tricky compared to other Facebook-owned counterparts. WhatsApp Android users will need to open the App > Open Chat > Select WhatsApp Stickers section by clicking the emoji icon on the left side of the chat bar > Search Holi. If you are unable to find stickers natively, select the plus icon and scroll down to find ‘Get More Stickers.’ It will lead to Google Play Store, and users can search for Holi Stickers. Download any third-party Holi sticker app, add to WhatsApp, and share it with contacts. WhatsApp for iOS, on the other hand, does not allow users to download third-party shareable stickers. However, they can save stickers sent by others and then re-share them.

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