Gurmeet Choudhary tells trolls he couldn’t wait for second baby with Debina Bonnerjee: ‘Jab itni khoobsurat partner ho’

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Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee are expecting their second child together. As soon as the couple announced the news last month, they faced several comments and questions about the short gap between Debina’s two pregnancies. They welcomed their first child, daughter Lianna, through IVF in April this year. Also Read| Pregnant Debina Bonnerjee dances with Gurmeet Choudhary in new video

In a new vlog on Debina Bonnerjee’s YouTube channel, Gurmeet reacted to those who trolled him for not waiting before they had another baby and called him ‘irresponsible.’ Gurmeet joked that he could not wait because he has such a beautiful wife.

In the vlog, Debina shared trolls’ comments that read, “Gurmeet se intezar bhi nahi hua (Gurmeet couldn’t wait),” “Debina ke sehat ka bilkul dhyaan nahi hai (He has no concern for Debina’s health),” and “Gurmeet is very irresponsible” among others. Responding to the comments, Gurmeet said, “Mujhse intezaar bhi nahi hua. Jab itni khoobsurat partner ho toh intezaar kyu hoga yaar? Aap bhi intezaar mat karo (I couldn’t wait. When you have such a beautiful partner how will you wait. You also don’t wait).”

Gurmeet further said, “On a serious note, the journey toward Lianna’s birth was not easy at all. We had been going to doctors for four to five years. Lianna is our world. But after that…” Completing his statement, Debina said, “But after that process, when you have spent so many years trying so hard to conceive, and you face failure every month, then you never imagine that this can happen naturally. Gurmeet was also in great disbelief when it happened.”

In her previous vlog, Debina had revealed that Gurmeet was extremely shocked at the news of her pregnancy and found it hard to believe even after the doctor found a heartbeat in a scan. She also admitted that she felt awkward buying a pregnancy kit as the entire world knew she just had a baby.

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