GTA Mega Map Brings Together San Andreas, Liberty City and Vice City For the First Time

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GTA is hands-down one of the most popular video games of all time. In fact, it is so popular that practically every installation of the GTA series have been smash hits. However, while GTA 5 hit all sorts of topping charts after crossing the 150 million sales landmark, the likes of GTA San Andreas, Liberty City and Vice City still enjoy an enduring popularity that’s rare for games of their ages. Now, to make things even more wild, a GTA Underworld modder has created and posted a combined mega GTA map that brings together the three most iconic maps of not just the GTA world, but of the entire gaming industry.

The mega map has stitched together San Andreas, Liberty City and Vice City into one cohesive map, along with the maps of Manhunter 1 and 2, as well as Rockstar’s Bully. The result is a massive, expansive open world that brings together the best of GTA gameplay – something that every fan would love to play. The result is a mega map mod that gamers can apply on top of their copy of GTA San Andreas (or GTA 1, whichever you’d like to call it). The map mod has been posted in the GTA Underworld section in Moddb, and can be downloaded by anyone.

The modders have also offered support for gameplay patches, map graphics, patch fixes and improvement to the overall map, for those who’d want to download and play it. The open world structure of GTA means that once you apply it to San Andreas, you can literally have your entire world be networked across the three GTA cities – giving you a massive expanse of free roam. You can also fuse the gameplay across the three iconic virtual cities, therefore bringing a slice of GTA 1 and 2 to GTA 3, and other combinations as such.

Mods are incredibly popular with GTA enthusiasts, as was seen in a recent mod of GTA Vice City and Liberty City, which were subsequently taken down by Rockstar as a result of commercial conflict. However, while the previous mod brought GTA to more platforms than what it may have been legally available in, the latest mod simply fuses more gameplay features into the ageing game – and therefore, gamers may hope that the GTA Underworld map mod does not get banned any time soon.

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