Google releases a new feature "Earthquake warning tool"

Google releases a new feature “Earthquake warning tool”

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Earthquakes occur in many places daily and hundreds of people live in earthquake-affected areas. In such a situation, to protect people, Google has rolled out a new feature that will alert the users before the earthquake and they will be careful. With the help of this alert, people will wake up before the earthquake. This feature has been introduced for the Android platform and Android users will be able to share this alert to their loved ones as well.

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According to the information given on Google blog, Google has added the ‘Earthquake warning tool’ to Android phones. It has also been clarified that this tool is currently rolled out in California and its users will be able to use it now. Also initially it will be made available in the Samsung Galaxy series.

After the ‘Earthquake warning tool’ arrives, you will get an earthquake alert on the Android phone itself. Let us know that the Android operating system belongs to Google and in this case, only Android phone users can take advantage of it.

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Google says it is working closely with the US Geological Survey to send earthquake alerts to Android devices. Let us know that Japan and California are already using land-based sensors that alert the users before the earthquake. Google has been testing this feature with an earthquake alert for the last four years.

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If Google’s new earthquake works very easily, then in the event of an earthquake, Google will immediately give a signal to the earthquake detection server. Apart from this, we will share the location of earthquake-like symptoms. Also, after that, the server will gather information from the rest of the phones and try to understand whether an earthquake is really happening.

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