Google announces ₹113 crore grant towards India's covid relief efforts

Google announces ₹113 crore grant towards India’s covid relief efforts

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New Delhi: Tech giant Google has announced a ₹113 crore grant towards covid-19 relief efforts in India, including setting up oxygen generation plants and improving healthcare infrastructure in rural areas.

The grant comes from Google’s philanthropic arm,, and will help in the procurement and installation of approximately 80 oxygen generation plants in rural healthcare locations. It includes a grant of ₹90 crores to GiveIndia and ₹18.5 crores to PATH, two non-profit organizations based in India.

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“We’re now broadening our COVID-19 support to help strengthen India’s healthcare infrastructure and workforce — especially in rural areas,” said Sanjay Gupta, Country Head and Vice President, Google India. “’s grant to set up 80 oxygen generation plants (OGPs) will strengthen our healthcare system across many parts of India. GiveIndia in collaboration with PATH will procure and install these OGPs in locations with the highest potential impact,” said Atul Satija, chief executive officer of GiveIndia.

The company is also going to invest in Apollo Medskills, a training school for healthcare professionals. The tech giant said it will help upskill 20,000 frontline health workers through the partnership, providing specialized training for covid-19 management in the rural health workforce and systems.

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Another non-profit organization– ARMMAN– will also receive a ₹3.6 crore grant from for running skilling programs in the country. ARMMAN will work with Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) and Auxiliary Nurse Midwives in 15 states. “The support from will enable us to continue augmenting and implementing our tech-based interventions so that health workers can offer the necessary care and guidance to pregnant women, mothers, and children across the country,” said Aparna Hegde, Founder and Managing Trustee, ARMMAN.

The technology giant had also committed ₹135 crore funding for covid-19 response in India in April. Those included two grants worth a total of ₹20 crores to GiveIndia, and donations to UNICEF for supplying urgent medical supplies, oxygen, and more.

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