Gehraiyaan writer’s dad asks Twitter to watch son’s movie in wholesome post, reacts to F-word overuse: ‘I’ll ask him’

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Fans have a ton of questions about Gehraiyaan and have found an unlikely person to answer them. On February 14, writer Sumit Roy’s father Chandan Roy took to Twitter to share a proud message about his son’s work.

Sharing a poster for Gehraiyaan that showed all the praise it has got from different portals, Chandan wrote, “See the movie. My son Sumit is among the writers.” Twitter found the post cute and wholesome with many calling him the true representation of all dads.

A few even asked some questions about the movie. “Sir, good that I found you as had this one question, was he just paid only half the dialogue writer’s money as the other half only is about uttering the four letter word on the loop. No offense Sir, just wanted to get this serious concern from recent OTT movies be reached across,” wrote one, seemingly referring to all the F-words used in the movie. 

Chandan replied, “I never ask my son how much is his earning from each project. So I can’t answer your question. Next time when I talk to him I will ask him. But one thing I must say these days what I see around is young generation is freely using the four words. So people should not mind.”

Another wrote, “Uncle 15 min bohot mushkil se dekh paya mai fir aage himmat nahi hui (I could not watch it beyond 15 minutes)… Good luck to your son for his future work.” Chandan wrote, “Wish you good luck next time. Hope you would be able to watch his next movie.” One person got rather mean, writing, “Tell him to stop writing immediately and enroll into a school.” Chandan replied, “Looks like the story went above your head. You need to study more to understand this type of movie.”

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“I liked the film although I saw many adverse reviews and low rating, most of it I guess is because of non-film reason (Deepika),” commented another. Chandan thought one must watch and form their own opinions. “This is a complex movie. These types of adverse comments sometimes are good. People start talking and then go and see to know why people are talking about it,” he wrote.

Richa Chadha, Varun Grover and others wished Chandan on Sumit’s new release. Mini Mathur wrote, “He did an amazing job sir. Congratulations to you too. And your tweet has made me want to fly to Delhi and hug my papa.”

Gehraiyaan is directed by Shakun Batra. He also co-wrote it with Ayesha Devitre, Sumit Roy and Yash Saha. It’s a roman

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