Geeta Basra reveals that her kids also contracted Covid-19

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After dodging the virus for 2 years, Geeta Basra along with her husband Harbhajan Singh tested positive for Covid-19 last month

Actor Geeta Basra, her husband, cricketer Harbhajan Singh and their two children tested positive for Covid-19 last month. And she says that contracting the virus together turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

“The battle with Covid was pretty okay, as with this new variant the symptoms weren’t so severe. We had fever, cough and cold. Staying alone would have been the lowest point… But it was wonderful in a way that we were all together instead of one person and being cut off from the rest of the family… It would have been more difficult f that had been the case. Time jaldi nikal gaya since we all were together.”

Basra says Jovan (her six-month-old son) and Hinaya (her five-year-old daughter) “fell sick first”, followed by her husband, and then she “started seeing symptoms”.

“And when we got tested, the result came positive,” says the 37-year-old, adding, “We, as a family, took all the necessary precautions to recover as early as possible, and fortunately we were all negative soon. We got our immune system to fight it. We are good right now.”

The actor goes on to say she didn’t let the fear of her family fighting against the virus take over her thoughts.

“I am a very strong mother. I’m not a person who gets very paranoid, instead likes to take things head on… When you become a mother, you also become strong in many ways. And being a mother to two small kids, I see a lot of things every single day from them falling to them getting hurt, so I have got that attitude to deal with things calmly in general,” she signs off.

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