Filmmaker Mohit Suri: I will not work with a star just for the heck of it

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Film director Mohit Suri is chasing stories, not stars. And he doesn’t mind if it takes him on a longer route to achieve his goals.

“I have had a longer journey in Bollywood. It took 12 films for me to reach a place where most people reach in two or three films,” says Suri, who has navigated the treacherous waters of showbiz as a director since 2005.

He continues, “But I have taken this conscious decision that I will only work with people who are right for the film, they could be stars or could be newcomers. I have decided that I will cast someone who is right for the film rather than going and working with the star for the heck of it and making a film that they want.”

Suri, 40, made his debut as a director with Zeher and Kalyug (both 2005). Then he went on to make several movies including Woh Lamhe…, Raaz: The Mystery Continues, Awarapan, Aashiqui 2, Murder 2, Ek Villain and Malang.

Opening up about his work graph, he asserts, “I can proudly say I make the film that I want to make, whether they are a hit or a flop, they are all mine”. “I might earn a little less, but I will do it my way. I would take a longer journey but I will do it my way,” says Suri, who recently directed the music video, Mohabbat Hai.

At present, his focus remains on churning out a sequel of Ek Villain and Malang, the he admits that taking forward the story comes with its own tricks.

“Imagine what I was going through while making Aashiqui 2. I was picking up the biggest musical film that people had seen, and a film which pretty much changed the music scenario. I was making it with a completely fresh cast, and comparatively new music directors… So the pressure is always there, and I feel if you are not made for pressure then you are in the wrong business,” he ends.

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