Fan wants Saif Ali Khan to star in Baby’s Day Out remake with Taimur, actor says ‘it would be so tiring’ | Bollywood

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Actor Saif Ali Khan addressed a suggestion that he should act in a remake of Baby’s Day Out with his four-year-old son Taimur Ali Khan. He was reading out a fan’s comment during an appearance on Feet Up With The Stars.

The fan had written, “Saif is one of the coolest dads in Bollywood. Really want to see him and Taimur in a Baby’s Day Out remake.” In response, Saif Ali Khan said that working with Taimur Ali Khan would be a task.

“It would be so tiring to do a movie with Tim. He would be like, ‘I don’t want to shoot anymore’, after a while. It’s difficult to work with children, especially your own. Actually, you could do it. Maybe you could do an amazing movie together,” he said.

Saif’s daughter Sara Ali Khan is already an actor. His son, Ibrahim Ali Khan, too, is keen on following in his footsteps and entering Bollywood.

Taimur, the son of Saif and his wife Kareena Kapoor, is quite popular already. He is a favourite of the paparazzi and strikes poses for cameras. He also has a bunch of fan accounts dedicated to him on social media.

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Last year, on Jacqueline Fernandez and Amanda Cerny’s podcast, Saif talked about his family’s connection with the film industry and said that Taimur ‘will be an actor for sure’.

“My mother’s been doing films since she was 16. She worked with Satyajit Ray a lot, and did about four or five movies with him. She was his muse, and he thought of her as the ultimate female representation of his art,” he had said.

He continued, “My sister is kind of in the movies, my wife, my ex-wife as well… So all of us. My daughter, my elder son wants to be an actor, and I think Taimur will be an actor for sure, he’s entertaining us already.”

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