F1 veteran Martin Brundle asks Ranveer Singh ‘who are you’ at event. Watch

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A video of Martin Brundle and Ranveer Singh from the Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi was shared on fan pages. Many social media users praised the actor for handling the situation well after the former racing driver and commentator admitted that he had ‘momentarily’ forgotten who Ranveer was while interviewing him. Also read: Ranveer Singh cries as he recalls what his dad told him during his days of struggle

Ranveer, who was seen at an awards event in Dubai on Saturday, was at the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday, and documented it all on Instagram Stories. A video of the actor is making the rounds on social media, where he was asked to introduce himself by Martin Brundle. In the clip, when Martin met Ranveer at the event and asked him how he was, the actor said, “On top of the world. I can feel the exhilaration and adrenaline.” Martin then told Ranveer, “I have momentarily forgotten who you are, can you tell me please.” To which Ranveer replied, “I’m a Bollywood actor, sir. I hail from Mumbai, India. I am an entertainer.”

During the exchange, Martin also complimented Ranveer on his style, and said about his printed yellow outfit, “The respect for that suit! Because that is punching.” Responding to him, Ranveer joked, “You know the best part sir, I have to send it all back in the morning.”

Many on Twitter found Ranveer’s response ‘modest’ and ‘humble’. One tweeted, “He handled that very well… ‘Bollywood actor sir from Mumbai India, I’m an entertainer’. Respect.” Another one said, “This shows how humble and nice Ranveer is.” Another tweet read, “One has got to respect his humility.” While some found the video funny, and commented on Ranveer’s outfit, others defended the actor. One tweeted, “A white man who no one knows off, literally living under a rock, questions arguably the biggest Hindi movie star about who he is and you find that funny! How lame of you. Respect to Ranveer.”

On Saturday, Ranveer Singh got emotional and left his parents teary-eyed at Filmfare Middle East Achievers Night 2022 (FFME 2022), where he was given the superstar of the decade award. The actor recalled his early days, when he did not have enough money to pay for his portfolio. He also recalled crying and asking his mother if he’ll ever become an actor. Ranveer was last seen in Jayeshbhai Jordaar.

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