Elon Musk’s X takes over yet another account, netizens say ‘sorry for your loss’

Elon Musk’s X takes over yet another account, netizens say ‘sorry for your loss’

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Elon Musk’s X previously known as Twitter has taken over yet another account on the social media platform claiming that the account is affiliated with the company while offering the users some alternative

The user Jeremy Vaught informed that he had created the account with user id @music on Twitter and had been running it for the last 16 years but the social media giant suddenly took the user id from him and offered him some alternatives in an email correspondence.

In an email to the user @jeremyvaught, X wrote, “ The user handle associated with account @Music will be affiliated with X Corp. Accordingly, your user handle will be changed to a new user handle.”

“However, we appreciate your loyalty and want to minimize any inconvenience this may cause. At this time we will be changing this handle to @musicfan.”

The Elon Musk-led social media giant told Vaught that he could either shift to the account @musicfan or he could choose a different handle between, @musicmusic, @music123, @musiclover.

The company noted that the data associated with his previous account including followers and following data will be transferred to his new user handle.

Netizens react to the latest move by Elon Musk’s X:

Users reacted to Vaught’s revelation about X taking away another user handle without giving any solid reasons.

Some users weren’t happy with the replacement offered to Vaught and suggested that the alternative user handle should have been shorter. One user with the handle, @theAlexFerre said, “Id have expected a 3 letter replacement. But @musicfan ain’t it”

Other users were perplexed on why the social media platform felt the need to commandeer this specific user id, one user with the handle “I don’t see why they don’t just reserve some special handle prefix like `x` and then get `xMusic` etc. or even something more unique not currently supported like @@Music where the double-@ would be reserved for X-owned handles”

Yet another user with the handle @sadaf_eth noted, “Devastating, sorry for your loss 😔 If only there was a solution to this..”

Last, the social media company had taken away “@x” handle from a San Francisco-based photographer named Gene X Hwang and offered him a differed account with user id @x12345678998765.

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