Elon Musk takes jab at Instagram users, claims their ‘IQ is less than 100’

Elon Musk takes jab at Instagram users, claims their ‘IQ is less than 100’

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In a recent tweet, Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, took a dig at Instagram, which is owned by Meta. Musk criticized Instagram for allowing unrestricted sign-ups and claimed that its users have an IQ level below 100. He mocked the platform and suggested that its users lack intelligence.

“They should really get rid of that 100 IQ maximum limit for creating an account on Instagram,” Musk tweeted.

Elon Musk’s recent criticism of Instagram, which was delivered sarcastically, had no factual basis as there is no IQ limit to join the social media platform. Musk provided no explanation for his claim that Instagram users may have a low IQ. Later on, he tweeted that the media’s constant praise of him was excessive, stating “I wish the media would stop flattering me all the time, it’s a bit much guys.”

Human intelligence is often measured through standardized tests that generate a total score known as the intelligence quotient (IQ). This score can vary based on a person’s experiences, knowledge, and learning throughout their life. A score below 100 is considered below average intelligence, while a score above 130 is considered high intelligence. Instagram is a platform that allows users to sign up for free and create content, regardless of their IQ score. Those with a significant following can monetize their content and become influencers.

When the CEO of Twitter made fun of Instagram users, some commenters were upset and recommended implementing an IQ limit on Twitter. Some people were also unhappy about having to pay for the blue verification badge. A few individuals even suggested that the founder of SpaceX should buy Instagram. One person wrote, “Elon, you should purchase Instagram!” While another remarked, “Unfortunately, he can’t afford either.” Yet another commenter expressed concern that if Elon bought Instagram, it would become as chaotic as Twitter.

Meanwhile, Twitter users on Tuesday morning woke up to an unlikely surprise as the classic blue bird logo of the microblogging site has been changed to the “doge” meme. Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk confirmed the update while posting a conversation and responding “as promised”.

In the conversation, Musk asks if there is a need for a new platform, to which the user suggests that Musk should instead buy Twitter and replace the blue bird logo with a Doge.

Media reports stated that the value of Dogecoin went up by almost 30 percent after Twitter changed its home page logo to the dog meme.



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