Dharmendra joins KBC 13’s Sholay Special episode, says he once walked 28 miles for film’s shoot

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Hema Malini and Ramesh Sippy will be seen on the hot seat in Friday’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 13. The trio – Amitabh Bachchan, Hema and Ramesh will be seen revisiting their film Sholay and sharing memories from the sets.  

When Amitabh asked Ramesh, “Jai Veeru ka aapne kaise socha?” (How did you think about the characters Jai and Veeru?) The filmmaker replied, “Anand mein aapne bohot badhiya kaam kiya. Bombay To Goa mein aapne light role kiya (You did amazing work in Anand. In Bombay to Goa, you did a lighter role). So, (I thought) this seems to be an actor who could do anything.” An elated Bachchan asks Sippy with a bright smile, “Mere baare mein aapko aisa laga (You felt this way about me)?” to which the filmmaker gave an affirmative response.



During the episode, Amitabh also shared interesting anecdotes from the shoot of Sholay. In the promo, he said, “The scene where I am playing a mouth organ and Jaya (Bachchan) is lighting the lamp, it took three years to take that one shot.”

Dharmendra, who played the role of Veeru in the film, also joined the team through a video call. He shared how once he walked 28 miles to the shoot location. Amitabh can be later heard telling Dharmendra, “Bohot maarenge jo hum bataane vaale hain (You will beat me after I tell everyone this).”

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Last year, Amitabh shared a throwback picture from the premiere of Sholay. In it, he is seen with his wife and co-star Jaya Bachchan as well as his parents, Teji Bachchan and Harivansh Rai Bachchan. 


Sharing the photo, Amitabh wrote, “At the premiere of Sholay…15th August 1975, at the Minerva. Ma, Babuji, Jaya and a bow tied me. How pretty Jaya looks. This was the 35 mm print at the premiere… The 70mm Stereo sound print, first time in India was stuck in customs but after the Premiere got over by midnight, we got the news that the 70mm print was out of customs. We told Ramesh ji (film’s director Ramesh Sippy) to get it to the Minerva. It came, the first Indian film on 70mm stereo and I sat on the floor of the balcony with Vinod Khanna and finished seeing this amazing result till 3 in the morning.”


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