Devoleena Bhattacharjee on husband ‘not spending money on her’: Trolls would have called me gold digger

Devoleena Bhattacharjee on husband ‘not spending money on her’: Trolls would have called me gold digger

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Devoleena Bhattacharjee left everyone surprised with the news of her hush-hush wedding to her gym trainer, Shanwaz Shaikh. The actor who is known for the TV show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, in a new interview tackled trolls who accused Shanwaz of not spending money on their wedding. Reacting to them, Devoleena said that having a grand wedding would have led to many calling her a ‘gold digger.’ Also read: Devoleena Bhattacharjee says ‘Wasting money just to make the day look big is dumb’

Devoleena and Shanwaz opted for a court marriage followed by a private celebration with family and close friends. She said she met Shanwaz at a gym about four years ago. After a brief friendship, the two started dating. It was the covid-19 pandemic which made her realise the bond developed between them and she initiated the topic of marriage.

During a recent interview, Devoleena reacted to claims that Shanwaz did not spend money on her as they settled for a low-key wedding. She told Indian Express, “He’s not from the industry but he’s well settled. He has his own name in the fitness industry. If I would have made the marriage grand and flaunted his money, trolls would have called me a gold digger.”

“Frankly speaking, I don’t think about how social media trolls would react when I am making any life decision. We both are more concerned about our happiness and future. I feel if we are good, the blessings from the universe, and help us grow and live together,” she added.

Earlier, Devoleena had replied to some trolls who raised questions about the religion of their future children. Labelling the tweets as toxic, Devoleena wrote on Twitter, “Whether my babies will be Hindu or Muslims aap kaun (who are you)? Aur itni jab apko baccho ko lekar chinta ho hi rahi hai bohot saare anaath ashrams hai, jaaiye adopt kijiye aur apne hisaab se dharm or naam decide kijiye. Mera pati, mera baccha, mera dharm, mere rules. Aap kaun (If you really care for kids so much, go to the many orphanages that exist. Adopt and decide their names and religion. My husband, my kids, my religion. Who are you)? #toxic.”

Devoleena shared pictures with Shanwaz last week and announced her wedding after leaving fans confused with her wedding pictures. She said she could not have found anyone better than him. “Chiraag lekar bhi dhoondti toh tujh jaisa nahi milta (I couldn’t have found someone better than him). You are the answer of my pain & prayers. THE MYSTERIOUS MAN urff The Famous #SHONU AND TUM SAB K JIJA (Here’s presenting your brother-in-law),” she introduced him to fans with the first wedding pictures from the wedding.

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