Debina Bonnerjee says she was devastated after being called pregnant on weight gain: How do I tell them

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Debina Bonnerjee recently welcomed her second daughter with husband Gurmeet Choudhary but their journey to parenthood wasn’t easy. Debina struggled while trying to get pregnant naturally and later resorted to IVF. In a new interview, Debina shared how she felt cornered after people thought she was pregnant and hiding it, after being spotted at a hospital during her IV treatment. Also read: Debina Bonnerjee shares video of daughter from hospital, calls her miracle baby

Debina said she opted for four rounds of IVF and was able to conceive daughter Lianna after many failed attempts. She felt she wasn’t capable of having a child, which others around her might have also felt during that phase in her life. When asked about if she ever had a comment from her relative that affected her the most, she accepted it did.

Debina Bonnerjee shared with Bollywood Bubble,“Khush khabri kab de rahi ho(where is the good news)?–Does that only factor that make you happy? Otherwise, I as a person cannot make you happy? These kinds of phrases were very hurtful. May be it was out of happiness coming from somewhere but to a person who is trying and yet not happening, it is very hurtful.” Debina said she used to get very sensitive about even a small remark during that time due to her IVF treatment.

“Since I was going through my treatment and I was going through my IVF cycle with injections of a lot of hormones inside the body, I had put on weight, a little bit. Maybe around my stomach or I had worn a tighter outfit where my belly was showing, uspe likha ‘is she pregnant?’ I saw one video. I couldn’t understand what should be my reaction to it. People would see me in the hospital and tell others ‘ya, she is expecting and she’s hiding’. How do I tell them I am not? And I am trying, so it is not the time to ask. I felt very concerned and devastated and in my space, I was just alone,” she added.

Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary got married in 2011. They welcomed their second daughter on November 11, almost eight months after their first daughter Lianna was born this year. The couple shared the news on social media and wrote, “Welcome our baby girl into the world. As ecstatic as we are becoming parents again, we appreciate some privacy at this time as our baby has come into the world sooner than due. Keep blessing and showering your continued love.”

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