Daisy Shah: The box office is going to be hit very badly due to rules like 50 percent capacity in theatres

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Daisy Shah was in London (UK), shooting for her first project after the second lockdown restrictions were lifted in India. Back in Mumbai now, she has resumed work on another projects. “Things look better and busy now,” she says, relieved that life is getting back to normal.

Ask her if she was scared to travel to another country altogether to work, Shah says, “Not really. I feel if anything is supposed to happen, ghar pe baith ke bhi ho sakta hai. If it is meant to happen, it will happen to you anywhere in the world. That does not mean you have to restrict yourself from living your life.”

However, the 37-year-old is quick to add that it is indeed necessary to safety norms, as they have been put into place for a reason.

“You have get cautious about things. I am not somebody who believes in confiding themselves to their homes, unless such rules are being made, which was the case when we were in the lockdowns,” points the actor.

The current scenario has seen restrictions being lifted and life steadily getting back to normal. Amid all this, one sector that is yet to fully get back on its feet is the theatres business. Films such as BellBottom, Chehre and Thalaivii released on the big screen, with limited occupancies and a key market like Maharashtra is yet to allow cinemas to reopen.

While Shah reserves her comment as she feels actors do not really have much of a say in that decision, she does express concern.

“I am actually not the right person (to talk about this). The thing is, for us as actors, our job is to come on the set, work, and then once the product is ready, that’s when the producers and distributors’ role comes in. So now, since rules are being formed by the government, and there is 50 percent capacity, I am pretty sure it is going to hit the box office very badly. But again, it is a situation which the producers can talk about, not me,” she says.

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