Congress president’s post a belief system, represents vision of India: Rahul Gandhi

India News

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, while speaking at a press conference in Kerala Thursday, said that the party president’s post is not a position but a belief system that represents India.

When asked to what advise would he give to those contesting for the role of the president of Congress, he said: “The Congress president is not just an organisation post, but an ideological one. Whoever becomes the Congress president should remember that he represents an idea, a belief system and represents a vision of India.”

Explaining the need of the Bharat Jodo Yatra which is currently going through Kerala, Rahul Gandhi said, “We are fighting a machine that has captured the institutional framework of this country, that has unlimited money and ability to buy, pressurise and threaten people. The outcome of that is what you’ve seen in Goa.”

He added: “This yatra is meant to put forward to the people of India that the hatred and violence that is seen in India currently is not good for the country. Humility has always been a feature of India and that has been attacked by the current government.”

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