Congress flag falls as Sonia Gandhi tries to unfurl it on party Foundation Day

Congress flag falls as Sonia Gandhi tries to unfurl it on party Foundation Day

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The tricolour flag of Indian National Congress fell off the flagpole as it was being unfurled by party president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday. The incident occurred when the party was celebrating its 137th Foundation Day at AICC headquarters in New Delhi.

However, Gandhi along with party treasurer Pawan Bansal and AICC general secretary KC Venugopal held the party tricolour in their hand and displayed it briefly. A Congress worker later climbed up the flagpole to string the party tricolour.

A video shared on Twitter showed the Gandhi pulling the flag to unfurl it as a party member assists her. As hundreds of workers watched, the flag fell into Gandhi’s hands.

Seconds later, another member of the party is seen trying to help thread the flag back to the flagpost, but is unsuccessful. The clip ends with the members holding the flag upright with their hands.

Party members later replaced the flag pole and the function was repeated after a new flag was hoisted.

In a video message shared on Twitter, Gandhi asked members to rededicate themselves to the principles of the organisation.

“Today, we rededicate ourselves to the ideals, values & principles of our organisation that has been shaped, guided and inspired by some of the greatest, noblest and most selfless of Indians of the 20th Century,” she said.

Party leaders Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Mallikarjun Kharge were among those present at the event.

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