Coimbatore: Woman arrested for killing toddler grandson

Coimbatore: Woman arrested for killing toddler grandson

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A 50-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her one-year-old grandson by banging his head against the floor and later stuffing a biscuit wrapper in his mouth. The incident took place on Tuesday at RS Puram in Coimbatore.

Speaking to, the police said the accused, identified as Nagalashmi, lives in a rented house on Anbagam street with her daughter Nandhini (24) and her grandson Durgesh. Nandhini works in a private hotel and is separated from her husband, Nithyanandam. Her other son stays with the father in Saravanampatti town.

“According to reports, Nandhini got married to Nithayanandam against her mother’s wishes. Nagalakshmi apparently did not like the child. After her daughter got separated, she was further disturbed and her health deteriorated.

“On September 21, Nandhini went to work as usual around 7 am. Around 11:00 am, an agitated Nagalakshmi banged the toddler’s head against the floor after he did not listen to her. In the evening again, around 5:30 pm, when the child was crying continuously, Nagalakshmi stuffed a biscuit wrapper in the child’s mouth. When Nandhini returned home around 9:45 pm, Nagalakshmi told her that the child was sleeping. When Nandhini checked on him, she realised he wasn’t breathing. She immediately took him to a nearby hospital where they declared dead on arrival,” the police said.

The RS Puram police officer said that the post-mortem examination found a plastic wrapper stuck inside the child’s throat.

“The child’s skull had been damaged, the plastic in its throat choked him and led to death. We registered an FIR and questioned both the women. Nagalakshmi confessed to the crime.”

Nagalakshmi was arrested and later remanded in custody.

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