CLAT 2024: Effective preparation techniques explained

CLAT 2024: Effective preparation techniques explained

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The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) has a reputation for being highly competitive in India, as more than 60,000 students appear for this exam. As an aspiring lawyer, your aim must be to make it to one of the 26 National Law Universities (NLUs). CLAT Admit Card 2024 LIVE: NLU CLAT hall tickets awaited, updates here

If you are a new aspirant aiming to crack this exam, a question might be plaguing you: How do you effectively prepare for the CLAT exam? (PTI File)
If you are a new aspirant aiming to crack this exam, a question might be plaguing you: How do you effectively prepare for the CLAT exam? (PTI File)

However, to successfully clear the exam, you must have the aptitude for law and pertinent time management skills. If you are a new aspirant aiming to crack this exam, a question might be plaguing you: How do you effectively prepare for the CLAT exam?

The answer can be segmented into steps that include knowing the syllabus and the exam pattern, getting the correct study material, making a study plan, and focusing on the basics. Apart from these steps, you must solve a lot of sample papers and learn to manage your time effectively.

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Understand the syllabus and exam pattern

The syllabus for CLAT 2024 is focused on evaluating the comprehension and reasoning skills of the students. CLAT 2024 will include sections for English, Mathematics, Legal Reasoning, Current Affairs, and Logical Reasoning, testing the candidates’ aptitude, a necessary skill for pursuing legal education.

The exam pattern was revised on July 1, 2023, but the syllabus remained unchanged. The number of questions has been reduced to 120 to be answered in exactly 120 minutes. For every correct response, the candidate receives one mark, while for each incorrect answer, 0.25 points are deducted.

Invest in study material aligned with the latest syllabus

The type of study material you choose is likely to have a significant impact on your preparation. Therefore, it is crucial to choose reliable and up-to-date resources.

For instance, you can start by going through the official CLAT website and exploring various sections to get a clear idea of the syllabus and subjects. Apart from the standard CLAT books, one must also invest in CLAT-specific guides, mock test papers, and online resources.

Ensure that the study material aligns with the latest syllabus and exam pattern so that you continue to move in the right direction.

Create a study plan

A well-structured study plan begins with knowing the syllabus and exam pattern, as well as having the appropriate resources at hand. Make sure that your study plan covers all the topics.

A good step is to break down the vast syllabus into sections, which are easily manageable while allocating ample time for each part. Moreover, try to strike a balance between learning new topics and revising the ones that you have already covered.

Don’t forget to allocate sufficient time for mock tests as well. There are several factors that will determine the plan; however, starting early will ensure that every aspect is addressed.

Start with the basics

Focus on grasping the fundamentals well before attempting to solve difficult questions. For instance, begin with the fundamentals of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry if your maths is weak. Similarly, concentrate on grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension if your verbal skills are poor.

The General Knowledge/Current Affairs portion can have an outsized impact on your marks because it holds nearly 25% of the total weightage. Therefore, read and make detailed notes from magazines, reliable web portals, and newspapers to stay updated about current affairs.

This whole practice makes you follow a routine and helps you stay disciplined and on track.

Solve and analyse mock tests

After you get a grip on the syllabus and the subjects, it is time to begin solving mock tests and previous years’ papers. When preparing for CLAT, there is no substitute for practice. In this context, you must regularly take mock tests to familiarise yourself with the paper format.

Moreover, it will also help you gain relevant insights into the types of questions asked, besides aiding you in assessing your progress, improving your time management skills, enhancing your accuracy, and boosting your exam-day confidence.

Enrol in a test preparation institute if required

Self-study is likely the best strategy when you have clarity on how to prepare for the exam. However, if it is too challenging to study on your own, you can enrol in a test preparation institute. Institutions like these offer a competitive environment, professional assistance, and a well-organized study schedule.

You can ask questions, clear doubts immediately, and get personalised mentoring from teachers. In addition to supporting regular academic work, these classes enhance the confidence you need to succeed in the CLAT exam.

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CLAT 2024 preparation requires commitment, self-control, and tenacity. You need to understand the curriculum and the exam pattern, obtain appropriate study materials, create a study schedule, and concentrate on the fundamentals.

In addition to those tips, you also need to practice time management and solve a lot of mock CLAT papers.

The bottom line is to maintain your motivation while you prepare, learn from your errors, and have a growth attitude. With the appropriate strategy and determination, you can ace CLAT 2024 and get into the top NLUs in the country.

(Authored by Amogh Sanzgiri, Chief Business Officer at IMS Get Set Law. Views are personal)

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