Check diversion of agri grade urea for industrial use: Fertilizer Secy to states

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URGING STATES to take measures to check diversion of agriculture grade urea for industrial use, Union Fertilizer Secretary Arti Ahuja on Wednesday said that allowing diversion is “actually a crime we all commit collectively”.

Addressing the National Conference on Agriculture for Rabi Campaign-2022, Ahuja said that checking diversion of urea is a “collective responsibility”.

“Can you guess the fertilizers subsidy we gave last year? Rs 2.5 lakh crore,” she told the audience that included officials from states and Central ministries.

“The system is such that something which actually costs Rs 3,000 is being sold at Rs 300 and the same thing is also used for industrial purposes,” she said.

“The government is subsidizing the farmer, not somebody else,” she said. “That money should reach farmers only.”

“Therefore, allowing diversion is actually a crime we all commit collectively. We should reduce this subsidy burden. So that the government’s limited kitty can be spent on some other things like building schools and hospitals… Why should it get diverted and go into somebody else’s pocket,” Ahuja said.

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