ChatGPT has a new competitor with advanced AI, meet YouChat

ChatGPT has a new competitor with advanced AI, meet YouChat

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YouChat is like any online search engine. The tool allows users to do basic online searches just like Google, but in a more conversational method. Users can also ask their queries from the chatbot. Dubbed as the search and chat of the future, the company has launched the first version of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool.

With YouChat, the company aims to resolve two issues in search engines. First is to make online search more intuitive, helpful and faster. The second is to make LLMs more reliable. For those unaware, LLMs stand for Large language models that represent a major advancement in AI and promise to transform domains through intelligence via learned knowledge abilities.

“Today, youChat goes live. Open, broadly capable, conversational AI for search with knowledge of recent events and citations of sources,” writes the company’s CEO Richard Socher in a post introducing the tool.

The CEO also explains the working and features of the conversational search engine in a series of tweets. He says that YouChat has similar capabilities like ChatGPT. But YouChat “advances the AI field of large language models by incorporating the you search and app platform.” “youChat knows about recent events and can provide citations for its answers,” he adds.

What can YouChat do?

YouChat can respond to prompts like an AI sidekick that reads, writes, and summarizes information for you. Users will be able to get information in easy-to-understand sentences, not a list of links, the company says. It will help understand complex concepts and can also be used to resolve daily problems like getting ideas for essay outlines, writing coding or ideas for Christmas gifts for that matter.

The search engine tool is powered by AI and natural language processing that are said to offer human-like conversations with it.

Does it have any limitations?

Yes, like all AI models, YouChat too has its own limitations. As pointed out by many users, it hallucinates references, links are outdated and relevant for many topics and it also shows outdated images too among other issues.

“While youChat will be more often up-to-date and truthful than other large language models, it still makes mistakes. Hence we’re releasing this in beta. We hope that having citations, apps and web links alongside chat will enable users to verify facts easily,” the CEO says.

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