Chat GPT-4 writes climate change poem in Shakespearean style, see post here

Chat GPT-4 writes climate change poem in Shakespearean style, see post here

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ChatGPT has been the talk of the town ever since its inception. The chatbot has day in and out proved itself right from giving tough competitions in terms of competitive exams to even replacing jobs. OpenAI unveiled the latest addition to its series of language models – the GPT-4. This new model promises to be more sophisticated and better than its predecessor, the GPT-3. It is a large multimodal model that can exhibit human-like performance in a variety of tasks.

OpenAI claims that GPT-4 is more advanced in three significant areas, namely creativity, visual comprehension, and context handling. GPT-4 is said to be significantly better than its predecessor in terms of creativity, both in terms of generating and collaborating with users on creative projects. This includes music, screenplays, technical writing, and even adapting to a user’s writing style.

Recently, a Twitter user name Dan Miller asked the chatbot to explain climate change in the voice of Shakespeare. The chatbot gave the answer in a 28 line poem, which the user found quite extraordinary. Miller posted the poem in form of a series of thread has also shared a screenshot of the poem written by ChatGPT-4.

See post here:

His post gathered lot of reactions from other users, some called it amazing while some were also impressed and alarmed.

One user asked, “It is extraordinary. How long did it take to do that?, to which Miller replied, “A few seconds.” Another user wrote, “Holy moly, this is great.” One user wrote, “Wow. That’s both incredible and almost alarming if AI came up with that”

One user wrote, “Yes it’s not perfect. Still, amazing for an AI to come up with such a good poetic description of Climate Change in the style of old English and with a reasonably effective narrative arc.”

Earlier, a twitter user had also asked GPT-4 to give a list of jobs that the chatbot could replace. The list included jobs like data entry clerk, customer service representative, proofreader, paralegal, Bookkeeper, Translator, copywriter, market research analyst, social media manager, appointment scheduler, telemarketer, virtual assistant, transcriptionist, tutor, technical support analyst, email marketer, email marketer, content marketer, and even recruiter.

The engineers at OpenAI had noted that the enhanced version of ChatGPT had outperformed 90 percent of humans in some of the toughest exams in the US. Based on its excellent results, GPT-4 has garnered significant attention, and several startups have signed up to use its API in their applications. According to reports, GPT-4 achieved a score at the 93rd percentile on an SAT reading exam and the 89th percentile on an SAT math test. Not just this, Jake Kozloski, the CEO of Keeper (An AI based matchmaking platform) recently showed how GPT-4 is the new revolution for finding compatible matches. Kozloski in his tweet mentioned that the AI chatbot takes profile data and preferences, determines if the match is worth pursuing and further automates the followup.

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