CBSE Class 12 term 2 Hindi paper easy compared to term 1, say students

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CBSE Class 12 term 2 Hindi paper was easy compared to the term 1 exam, students said after the exam. The paper was conducted from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm on May 2. LIVE Updates.

Anjali Kishwaha, a class 12 students of LDC Public School, Soraon in Prayagraj found the question paper to be easy as compared to term-1 exam. 

“I don’t think a student who had revised the syllabus would have found it tough. It was a little lengthy but still quite easy,” she said.

Her classmate Priyal Patel also found the question paper easy. The 40 mark question paper had two sections and we had to answer seven questions. None of them were tough or difficult to answer,” he claimed.

Hindi subject teacher of Ganga Gurukulam School, Phaphamau in Prayagraj Anjana Verma said that most of her students seemed happy with the question paper as it was all from within the syllabus and in line with the expectations of the students.

“Overall a well balanced question paper that did not pose any problem for most students,” she said.

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