#CampusKeDin| Divyenndu: KMC auditorium was our jaan!

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The time he spent rehearsing and performing plays, as part of the dramatics society The Players, remain to be the highlight of actor Divyenndu’s graduation at Kirori Mal College (KMC), Delhi University (DU). He pursued Political Science (Hons) — 2004 batch — and till date feels “those were literally the best days” of his life! And why not, for The Players not only provided Munna Bhaiya (his character from the web series Mirzapur) a splendid platform to build an acting career, but also introduced him to his then college mate and now wife, Akanksha Sharma.

What made you seek admission in KMC among so many colleges in DU?

With KMC, it was almost like love at first sight! I’ve lived most of my life in that area (North Campus), I’ve been born and brought up there. Since a very young age, I have seen the North Campus culture and everything around it. And when I went to KMC, I was like, ‘Wow! what a nice college!’ There was this huge fountain there, and I was left mesmerised by it. I was in the dramatics society of KMC, The Players… I got to know that Mr (Amitabh) Bachchan is from the same college, and felt, ‘this is it’.

Why did you take up Political Science (Hons) in graduation?

I was in school when I fell in love with a chapter on rights and duties. It had a line that read: ‘It’s my right to live and it’s the duty of my neighbour not to kill me’. It was so nice, such a wonderful concept. When you read about more concepts in political science like equality and how politics has matured with time, it’s pretty fascinating. There are too many chapters that I loved from our curriculum in college. Those were such fun three years of my life… That was an ideal life!

Divyenndu feels North Campus is a “different planet” in Delhi . (HT Photo)
Divyenndu feels North Campus is a “different planet” in Delhi . (HT Photo)

Your wife, Akanksha Sharma is also from KMC. Did you two meet there?

Yes, she is from the same college. We met in our theatre society, and that’s how we got to know each other (smiles).

Did The Players fuel your passion for acting?

I actually started acting in school, and used to perform plays and short stories at the annual function and other such days. I was active as a kid, you see (smiles). But going to college and being part of The Players was a totally different experience! The kind of discipline that’s there in the theatre society, it teaches you a lot. It’s there that I learned a great deal about not just acting but everything, including how I think and that made me who I am today. The Players assured me that I was moving in the right direction.

Where did you hang out after attending the classes?

Hum toh auditorium mein hi hote the after college. That was our classroom, home, hangout place, sab kuchh. Auditorium was our jaan! Rehearsal ke baad chit chat, chai, samosa, aur anda khana… We used to rehearse all night long. And we had these night outs where we would work till 3-4am. Jab neend aati thi, we would all go to have, Maurice Nagar ke pass ek tapri se, parantha and chai.

What do you remember about North Campus?

North Campus is like a different planet in Delhi. You have such a vibrant student life there because there are so many different colleges. You talk to each other and exchange your point of views on education, relationships, politics and almost everything. And we used to go to a lot of colleges (as part of The Players) for competitions and that way even I got to visit different colleges. I feel, for any student, to go to North Campus is utopia!

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